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L5R: New Dynasty Pack ‘Justice for Satume’ Announced

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Apr 6 2019

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the Third Dynasty Pack in the Inheritance Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: Justice for Satume.

Legend of the Five Rings continues to grow, expand and evolve with each and every Dynasty and Clan Pack that joins the game. With Justice fo Satume, the Emerald Empire is pushed further towards the brink of chaos. The time is coming to choose sides – who will you support?

via Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Justice for Satsume, the third Dynasty Pack in the Inheritance cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Justice for Satsume continues the themes of the Inheritance cycle, placing an emphasis on Courtiers and Bushi, introducing two new disguised characters to surprise your opponent, and offering up two Clan Champions!

The Waking Lion

The Lion Clan is the Right Hand of the Emperor. As such they are a fairly straightforward clan that relies heavily on their military prowess to win. They now have some more tools in their toolbox to help with that goal.

Matsu Swiftspear is an efficiently priced character for Lion. A 2/2 for 2, she doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. However, if you’re playing down cards, she gets +2 to her military conflicts! That’s quite the boost.


Steward of the Rich Frog might be oddly named but as a 1/3 character she’s perfect for political trials. Her ability also kicks in when you have less cards in hand than your opponent – and it prevents your characters from receiving dishonored status tokens!

The final preview for Lion is the Sharpen the Mind attachment. While it doesn’t apply any direct stat bumps, as an action, you can discard a card from your hand and the attached character gets a huge +3/+3 until the end of a conflict!

Unicorn Stampede

Clan Unicorn is able to overwhelm their foes with a herd of cavalry at a moments notice. Justice for Satume brings in some new members to help rally the clan for war.

Shinjo Gunso is one of those cards that allows Unicorn to kick the snowball downhill to start an avalanche. When this character comes into play, you can search the top 5 cards of your dynasty deck. Then you can put a character of 2 or lower from those cards into play! Unfortunately, you have to discard the rest, but Unicorn is also one of those clans that has cards that can come back from the discard pile…


Wayfarer’s Camp allows you to play two characters from your provinces but then you have to turn a card in your provinces face-up.

Ujik Tactics is used during a conflict to add +1 military to each one of your non-unique characters in the conflict. It can be used to turn a handful of cheap characters into a pretty terrifying horde!

The Scorpion Sting

The Inheritance cycle introduced the new disguised mechanic for characters which allows the characters to spring into action at the most opportune times. Clan Scorpion has a new member that is adept at disguise with the new Shoruro Miyako:

Shosuro is a great character for decks that are just splashing Scorpion. Infact, she has to come in as a non Scorpion character anyways! When she is revealed, you can dishonor a non-unique character that an opponent controls as well.

Justice for Satsume $14.95

All eyes are on Otoson Uchi as the Hantei family line has been shaken up like never before. While the imperial City is the focal point for these dramatic events, strife is infesting Rokugan from all angles. The Emerald Empire is breaking down into chaos, who will you support?


Step into the world of Rokugan with Justice for Satsume the third Dynasty Pack in the Inheritance Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Justice for Satsume continues the themes of the Inheritance Cycle, placing an emphasis on Courtiers and Bushi ,introducing a new Disguised character ideal for surprising your opponent, and two Clan Champions!

Justice arrives in Q3 of 2019!

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