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Star Wars: Legion – Imperial Dewbacks & Shoretroopers Announced

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Apr 10 2019

Fantasy Flight Games reveals the next batch of Galactic Empire reinforcements coming to Star Wars: Legion!

Plucked straight from the movies, the Galactic Empire is getting two new units to expand their forces. Imperial Shoretroopers are coming to help bring some long range support to the battle and Dewbacks are living tanks with thick, scaly hide – perfect for crushing rebellions!

Welcome To The Beach

The Shoretroopers have some new long range options that can be included with the unit. First up they come stock with the E-22 blaster. However, they have the long range T-21B Targeting Rifle which allows them to nail targets from down range. That’s helpful because they ALSO have access to a new Mortar Weapon system – the DF-90 – which can provide some devastating suppressible fire.

Imperial Shoretroopers Unit Expansion $29.95

Selected for rotational duty from exceptional Stormtrooper squads, Imperial Shoretroopers are trained not only in tropical environment operations, but also in entrenched warfare. Often assigned to important bases such as the Imperial security facility on Scarif, Shoretroopers use their expertise and equipment to counter Rebel ambushes and ensure Imperial secrets remain safe.

Within this expansion, you’ll find seven unique, unpainted Imperial Shoretrooper miniatures to add to your Star Wars™: Legion collection. Five of these troopers are armed with E-22 blaster rifles while a Shoretrooper equipped with a T-21B targeting rifle is ready to deal extra damage from long range. But if you’re truly looking to keep enemy units from escaping with sensitive information, a DF-90 Mortar Trooper can be added to your army as a detachment from the rest of your Shoretroopers. Rounding out this expansion are two unit cards, five upgrade cards to fully kit out your Shoretroopers, and all the tokens you need to deploy them to any battle.

Dewbacks, Ahoy!

Dewbacks are the massive creatures native to Tatooine and they carry a Sandtrooper into battle. This dangerous duo has some nice synergy as the Dewbacks are living tanks and also very surefooted in difficult terrain thanks to their claws. And speaking of their claws, they provide the unit with a deadly melee attack as well.

While the Dewback is already intimidating, the Sandtrooper who rides atop isn’t just there for show. On top of the vicious shock-prod, the Sandtrooper also has access to three more ranged weapon options so that the Sandtrooper can lay down some pain of his own! With either the T-21 blaster rifle or an RT-97C blaster rifle, the unit can threaten the battlefield at range. But if you’re really looking to up the close-up damage potential of this unit take the CR-24 Flame Rifle and burn your enemies where they stand!


Dewback Rider Unit Expansion $24.95

The Empire often uses local creatures for its patrols, and in desert environments, Imperial troopers rely on dewbacks, mighty reptilian creatures that can survive extreme temperatures. Between the Sandtrooper rider’s array of weapons and the powerful claws of their mount, this duo is a force to be reckoned with.

Within this expansion, you’ll find an unpainted, beautifully-detailed Dewback miniature featuring a Sandtrooper rider with four distinct customization options: your Dewback Rider can be built carrying their standard shock prod, or you can equip them with three different weapons. On top of the ability to customize the look of your Dewback Rider, this Unit Expansion gives you plenty of ways to tweak how this unit operates in the thick of battle. Six upgrade cards accompany the miniature, letting you modify its armament, training, or the comms systems it carries into battle. Rounding out this expansion are a unit card and all the tokens you need to deploy it as a support unit for your Imperial armies.

Both Expansions are due out in the Q2 of 2019!

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