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Wyrd: New Fate Decks with Alternative Art Available Now

Apr 8 2019


Add to different spin your Malifaux games! These two new fate decks with awesome alternative themes are available for print-on-demand via DriveThruRPG now.

via Wyrd:

The first Fate Deck is none other than the Pixel Fate Deck! Take a trip down nostalgia lane to travel back in time (or forward in time, if you’re stuck in Malifaux…) to when the greatest in graphical technology was 16-bit sprites. You can get your hands on the Pixel Fate Deck for only $12.00 by following this link.


The second Fate Deck is the Saloon Fate Deck, which was drawn by one of the community’s favorite fan artists, and we are excited to finally have it available. The artist took a fun and burlesque approach to some of Malifaux’s leading characters. You can find this mature-themed (as in not for the young or faint of heart) Saloon Fate Deck for only $12.00 by following this link.

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