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40K: Adeptus Custodes and Blood Angels Tips & Tricks – Post FAQ

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May 24 2019
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Hi everyone Black Blow Fly here to discuss my two favorite Imperial factions this edition – now supercharged post FAQ.

The new FAQ has breathed life back into these factions with a much-needed change to the beta rule regarding how units with the Fly keyword move when in charging into melee. The old beta rule stated these units could not benefit from the Fly keyword and was hated by many – some even going so far as to ignore. GW loves to take, but fortunately this time they gave it back – and hats off to them for applying some good old common sense. As it should be:  Blood Angels Smash Captains, Custodes Shield-Captains mounted on Dawneagles, and Vertus Praetors are finally flying high again. To be honest, I never stopped using them while the old beta rule was still in effect.

Blood Angels

Let’s see what cool new toys the Brothers From Baal are rocking with now…

Smash Captains

He got his FLY groove back. Fast, killy, solid as a rock. ‘Nuff said, moving on…

Ahem, this sword eats Knights…


Rather than running two Smash Captains, I like to run Mephiston along with one Captain who can also benefit from the change (that is Wings of Sanguinius psychic power). The Lord of Death is the bane of all Knights, wounding them on 2+ when charging and can deliver up to ten sweet attacks if he successfully casts The Quickening and uses The Red Rampage stratagem. My last game versus a Crusader Mephiston destroyed it on the initial charge… hilarity ensued.

We kick even more ass in red.


Blood Angels also now have access to Infiltrators, which have keen players putting their old Scouts in storage. Infiltrators are the new and improved Phobos version of the Scout – rocking the sweet, sweet Primaris Space Marine stat line. They also force enemy units arriving via reinforcements to set up at least 12″ away… awful news for Genestealer Cult, Orks, and whatnot.

Adeptus Custodes

Moving onto the real elite heroes of the Imperium. Forgeworld has released revised beta rules for the Adeptus Custodes – three stand out units are Aquilon Terminators, the Caladius Grav Tank, and the ancient Telemon dreadnaught.


Aquilon Terminators

As excellent as Allarus Terminators are, the Aquilon are even better; I typically run a four-man squad armed with Solarite Power Gauntlets (SAG), Lastrum Storm Bolters (LSB), and one Fire Pike. The SAG is times two strength (S10), AP4 and inflicts D3 damage per attack. The LSB is rapid fire 2, 24″ range, S5 and AP1. Compare these weapons to the Castellan Axe – you’ll quickly realize these Terminators are equipped with the better weapons… plus Aquilon are mounted on 50 mm bases, which is just cool and readily lends itself to some really fun hobbying. I’ll also mention the Fire Pike is a template weapon… 12” range, d6 attacks, S6, and AP1 – great for toasting Genestealers on Overwatch.

Caladius Grav Tank

The Caladius Grav Tank is the equivalent of a flying Hive Guard brood except it hits on 2+ and has the ever ubiquitous Power of the Machine Spirit rule. It’s only weakness is it has an armor save of 3+, which might be an oversight. Parked next to a Shield-Captain it can reliably mow down a full squad of Abberants in one volley.


Telemon Dreadnought

The ancient Telemon is basically a Leviathan gone super Saiyan. Armed with a pair of Twin Illiastus Accelerator Cannons it can reliably gun down a Leman Russ in One shooting phase. I have opted though to kit mine with a Caestus which comes equipped with a built-in template plasma weapon… this really makes sane opponents think twice about ever charging it.

So there you have it! Which units are you running, and how are they working out for you?

Author: Steve Turner
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