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40K: Chaos Knights Are Coming

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May 5 2019

A new video reveals a corrupted Chaos Knight, as mutated and daemonic as it is large. Does this herald a new Renegade Knights codex?

More news from the Australian Championships. This time the news is Titanic. It seems that traitorous Knights are getting ready to stomp their way across the battlefields of the grim darkness of the distant future–at least according to a video that premiered yesterday (which seems like an appropriate day to premiere videos about wars fought amongst the stars). Let’s have a look:


Aside from the shockingly Evangelion-esque reveal, there’s little detail about these terrifying traitors. Where could these Chaos Knights be appearing next? A new codex? Perhaps–or maybe just the introduction of some new Chaos “hero” units like a renegade version of Canis Rex and Sir Hekhtur. After all, the rules you need for Chaos Knights are already basically there. But perhaps there are more traitorous tomes incoming for Adeptus Titanicus. We’ve no guarantee to the size of the model.

It could even be just a set of upgrade sprues to give your Renegade Knights some appropriately mutated bits, including spikes and rusted/fleshy armor panels. Either way, this bodes well for those who like to go big and then go home. We’ve already seen how popular Knights are, well, Castellans at any rate. If we start seeing Chaos Castellans we might see a more even split along Chaos and Imperial lines. Or it’s just a ruse and the whole thing ends up being relegated to Apocalypse. There are many possibilities, but only time will tell what the answer truly is.

Until time manages to do its terrible work and bring the future crashing onto our present, leaving us wondering, “how can it be Tuesday already” we leave the question to you.

What do you think this video means for Chaos? For the Knights? Have at it in the comments!


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