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40K: Overview – Ynnari Index

2 Minute Read
May 5 2019

Or should it be Ynnari Ynndex? Either way, we’ve got our hands on the latest White Dwarf. Let us take you through the new Index for this fledgling faction.

Step right up folks, come gather ’round and take a look at what awaits you in Index: Ynnari. In the latest White Dwarf the Ynnari get a new spread of rules, which you may already have seen leaked on the internet–but what you might not have seen is the context of it all. Because this latest Index goes a little more yn-depth into the schemes and machinations of these Aeldari from all walks of life.


As we point out in the video, the Index feels more like a mini-dex. It’s got all the lore, and with the accompanying hobby article, all the paint tips you’d want from a full-fledged Codex. All it’s really missing is something that advances the narrative of the Ynnari. Which is where this article gets really interesting because other than clarifying/spelling out a few events, there’s not really that much in the way of new lore for the Ynnari. We get to see the events leading up to and including Guilliman’s rebirth (which is definitely in no way problematic so we can all stop worrying about that), but after that–nothing.

Does that mean we might be seeing more Ynnari in the future? They’re one of the few places where GW can really apply pressure to the narrative. Even Vigilus ended in a weird sort of stalemate where both sides could technically declare victory or defeat and feel accurate about their choices one way or the other. But nothing of the kind is to be found in the White Dwarf article. Either way, we’re bound to see more in the near future, so keep an eye out folks.

And let us know what you think of the new Index/Rules in the comments!

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