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40K RUMORS: Astartes Vehicles & Chapter Tactics

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May 1 2019

There is a new Space Marine rumor making the rounds – will vehicles be getting Chapter Tactics?

The rumor mill is spinning up about a new one making the rounds and it could actually be good for the Astartes’ Vehicles. Just be sure to take this one with salt.

via Ishagu (B&C)

“Looks like Astartes vehicles will be getting chapter tactics. Little hints here and there from people in the the know.

Very happy about this. I wonder if this will be in the new codex or the next Chapter Approved.

We’re talking nothing but the barest hints but the sources are as good as they get.

I imagine the same will apply to the chaos factions but at this point there are no details whatsoever, and I don’t really want to press for further info.”


Just to add. The rules that apply to vehicles would be different to those that apply to the general infantry and Dreads because in some cases they don’t translate well. It will be a two tier system like what Guard have, and this is probably one of the reasons it’s taking so long.

Salamanders and Raven Guard CT would be fantastic on vehicles,for example.
Blood Angels or Black Templar CT would not, as the bonus is pretty insignificant due to the poor cc capability of tanks.

Cheer-up little guy, you MIGHT get some play time soon…

Well now – that could be pretty beneficial┬áto the Adeptus Astartes (and Heretics) if this one pans out. Now, some Chapter Tactics would be a lot more beneficial to vehicles than others. But that’s how that “tiered” system would come into play. But hey, no one is really complaining about how broken Predators are right now especially after that Killshot change.

Again, these are RUMORS and they could be completely fabricated. Regardless, it’s an interesting thought experiment. I know a lot of folks would be thrilled if their vehicles benefited from the Ravenguard Chapter Tactic. Or perhaps they’d like that free re-roll from the Salamanders. So while this may be wish-listing, on the surface, it’s not entirely game breaking. That said – it wouldn’t hurt to double check the mountain of units this would suddenly impact because I’m pretty sure there’s going to be something that’s not going to work as intended.

We don’t have a timeline on this other than some speculation on if this would be a beta rule, in the NEXT Big FAQ Update, or included in a Chapter Approved. We’ll be keeping our eyes out for more hints on this one.


“Falling back and shooting? That would prevent me from getting clogged-up…”


What do you think – would this be a good move for the game or would that simply break something else down the line?

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