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AoS: Looncurse Unboxed

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May 4 2019

Games Workshop has a new battle box for Age of Sigmar and we’re taking a quick tour of the insides right now!

Looncurse is in our studio and we’re pretty excited to see the Gobbos back and some love for the Sylvaneth in this new battle box:

Bad Moon, Bad Blood


Looncurse a pretty fantastic deal. I’ve already done a pricing breakdown but here are the basics:

Total Looncurse MSPR: $240

Actual Looncurse Price: $160

Savings: $80


That’s assuming the two heroes are being sold at $25 each which is a safe bet – if GW charges more, then it’s an even better deal.

When you combine the discounts with the fact that the Gloomspite Gitz have a recent Battletome and the rumor that the Sylvaneth are on deck to get a new book, then this deal is even more attractive.

In terms of new models, you’re really only getting the two new Heroes – the Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig and the Arch-Revenant. Both are pretty cool sculpts and I’m looking forward to putting these two together.

Aside from being just a really good deal, both of these forces are packed full of models you’re going to want to use. Kurnoth Hunters are a fairly popular option and Gloomspite armies can always find a use for more Squigs!


If you’re completely new to the game, this box also has warscrolls for each of the units in the box plus the campaign book has a Battalion with special rules that use the models. Basically, that means you’re going to have a “legal” army right out of the box for both factions. It’s a great starting point. If you picked up a box or two and split the contents with a friend you’re both in really good shape for your armies.

Next Steps?

Obviously, you’re going to need to eventually buy their respective Battletomes (maybe wait a week or two to see if the Sylvaneth book drops first). After that, the Start Collecting! boxes are a great next step. Unfortunately, the Gloomspite Gitz don’t have one (yet). But you could look at adding a couple more heroes and maybe the Gobbapalooza for instance. If you wanted to lean into your Squig forces, the Mangler Squigs make an excellent centerpiece model. It really depends on which sub-faction you want to play with either force.

One thing I like about Age of Sigmar is that each Battletome has a few Battalions with special rules – if you’re looking for a “guide” pick a Battalion you like, and build that out. If you do that, you’re going to have a nice chunk of a 2000 point army (typically between 500-1000 points). From there, you can either fill out those units or bolt on another battalion. But you’re probably going to want to get some games in first to see how it handles on the tabletop.

Looncurse is up for Pre-order this weekend! Prepare for a Battle under the light of the Bad Moon!

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