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Black Library Live: Check Out The Line-Up

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May 29 2019


The Black Library is ramping up for a big show and they have a massive amount of new books coming out – take a look!

If you’re heading to Black Library Live, you’re not just going to get a chance to meet your favorite authors, you’re going to get a crack at being the first folks to get your hands on a slew of new books. Many of these titles are going on sale weeks and months early – and it’s quite the selection.

via Warhammer Community

Horus Heresy Books

Warhammer 40,000 Books

Age of Sigmar Books

Necromunda Books

Warhammer Horror Books


Other Publications


And if that’s not enough – here’s the AUTHOR line-up:

  • Guy Haley
  • Chris Wraight
  • Rachel Harrison
  • Dan Abnett
  • Gav ThorpeĀ 

Black Library Live sounds like a pretty fun time and the perfect place to rub elbows with your favorite Authors and ask all the lore questions you’ve ever wanted answered! There was one bit of sad news, William King had to drop out of the event. The silver lining is that his scheduled seminar has been replaced with a new one featuringĀ Rachel Harrison, Phil Kelly, and Chris Wraight. The revised schedule can be found here.

Lore-junkies, this one is for you!


  • 40K Loremasters: The Inquistion