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FFGLive: Star Wars Outer Rim Playthrough

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May 9 2019

Want to take a look at how a game of Star Wars: Outer Rim, the new board game from FFG, actually plays? Check this out!

Fantasy Flight Games has a new Star Wars board game on the way with Outer Rim. Get ready to play as your favorite bounty hunter, merc, and smuggler in this new one from FFG. The objective is pretty simple: You’re an outlaw on the edges of the galaxy looking to make a ton of cash, become famous, and retire before anyone else can beat you to the punch. It’s a game of risk vs reward. Do you have what it takes to become infamous?

If you’re interested in the game but aren’t quite sure if it’s your cup-o-tea, that’s okay! FFG has a video for you that showcases a Playthrough of the game so you can judge for yourself:

via Fantasy Flight Games

A game of Outer Rim takes place over a series of turns that are each split into three steps.

  • Planning Step – During this step, the active player may gain credits, move across the galaxy, or recover all of their damage.
  • Action Step – Here, the active player may perform any number of actions, including buying cards from a communal marketplace and delivering cargo and bounties.
  • Encounter Step – The active player resolves a single encounter, usually by drawing an encounter card corresponding to their space.

Turns continue until one player reaches ten fame, at which point they become a living legend and win the game!

There are eight different characters to play as and each one has their own personal Goal. Accomplishing that goal allows you to flip their card over and grants them a more powerful version of their abilities.


It’s a big galaxy out there and there are many different paths to victory. Smuggling goods, taking on bounties, or even just buying fancy clothes can put you closer to your goals. How you go about winning is up to you – just be sure to keep an eye on the competition because they are gunning for you too!

Star Wars: Outer Rim $64.95

Star Wars: Outer Rim is slated for a Q2 2019 releas – Fortune and Glory await!

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