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Next Week’s 40K & Blood Bowl Products & Pricing CONFIRMED

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May 20 2019

This week we return to Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Angron’s Rage – Get your wallet ready for action in the underhive.

We return to the nightmare underhive and the halflings hit the turf.



Kal Jericho & Scabs $35

Necromunda: The Book of Peril: $37

Badzones Environments Events Cards $15

Necromunda Card Sleeves $12.50

Blood Bowl

Greenfield Grasshuggers $35

Halfling Dice $15

Spike: Issue 5 $12.50

Halfling Team: Pitch & Dugouts $42

Halfling Team: Card Pack $25

Black Library

Primarchs: Angron: Slave of Nuceria (hardback): $19

by Ian St. Martin

Placed in command of a Legion he does not want, in service to a father he cannot forgive, Angron gives an ultimatum to his children, one that will set them down a path from which they can never return…

As the Emperor travels the galaxy at the head of his Great Crusade, few events are as important as rediscovering his scattered sons, the Primarchs, and bestowing them as the masters of their Legions. United, a Legion becomes a reflection of its Primarch, both in his strengths and his flaws. For the Twelfth Legion, once the War Hounds and now the World Eaters, the line between strength and flaw is almost impossible to separate. Desperate for his acknowledgement, will the World Eaters follow their father and cast themselves in his broken image or will they resist? And will any of them ever learn who their father was truly meant to be?

~ That modular terrain is going to start showing up all over the place.  Dioramas here I come!


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