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Space Base Expansion Adds Story-Driven, Legacy Gameplay

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May 3 2019

Scientists have developed a gateway which will allow faster than light travel. But disaster strikes and something has come through…

Space Base: Saga Expansion 1: The Emergence of Shy Pluto is probably not what AEG intended the game to be called. But the full title, as I have deemed it, is far too campy sci-fi anime for me to not keep referring to it as thus. While we currently have no definitive proof there will be additional Saga Expansions to Space Base, I think it’s pretty safe to infer that there will be.

Since this is a legacy style expansion…



We here at Bell of Lost Souls are no strangers to Space Base. We’ve played it, editorialized it, recorded it, enjoyed it, loved it, romanced it, married it, grew old together with it. You know… true fans. So imagine our excitement when we heard they were sending us our very own copy of their latest expansion. Which makes it WAY easier since I don’t have to hunt for pictures of game components anymore! Yay!

Behold my pollen covered socks! Springtime is rough, you guys.

Space Base: Saga Expansion 1: The Emergence of Shy Pluto doesn’t change any of the core gameplay mechanics from the base game. It does add to them quite a bit, with loads of new cards with a lot of new mechanics.

The rulebook lies on top. Also, everything comes shrink wrapped. I forgot to take pictures first. Oops.


Even going only as far as the initial setup, Space Base: Saga Expansion 1: The Emergence of Shy Pluto already adds a bunch of new mechanics and quality of life changes to the new ships. But there are many pages of the rulebook I did not read, which presumably cover additional new rules, as they emerge.

The first couple of new icons you’ll notice are the arrows and the bolt symbol. The arrows grant the rewards for the sector 1 space to the left AND 2 spaces to the left. Double bonuses. Score! The bolt is the new iconography for “Place 1 charge anywhere”. Nothing new, but way easier.

I particularly like the “hard rolls”, offering a bonus for rolling doubles. The new ships just offer a lot more options and versatility, which is great.

Also, you’ll be rolling on your brand new SPARKLY DICE!

They have glitter in them!

It’s hard to tell from a static picture, but they dice do glint a lot. I love them.


And like any good legacy game, you’ll be drooling over the contents of the mystery boxes! Oooh!

I haven’t opened the boxes yet, but they definitely have solid components in them, not just more cards. The boxes have a decent weight. There is something in there.

There’s not really a whole lot more I can say without giving away additional spoilers and I super do not want to do that. If you haven’t played Space Base, it really is a super solid tableau building game. I’m becoming a huge sucker for story-driven legacy games so I want to thank AEG again for sending me a copy of Space Base: Saga Expansion 1: The Emergence of Shy Pluto!

Thanks for reading!

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