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40K: Apocalypse: Watch ‘How To Play’ With Becca Scott

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Jun 20 2019

Games Workshop has brought back industry pro presenter Becca Scott to break down how to play the new Apocalypse rule set!

If you want to learn how to play Apocalypse then Games Workshop has the video for you – Becca Scott of Geek & Sundry’s Game the Game series is back to showcase How to Play Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse!

Breaking Down The Basics

At the core of the game is the concept of “Mass Battles Done Quickly.” This idea permeates through the rule set. Alternating Activations ensures that both players are engaged during the game and downtime is minimal. It’s a different rule set than 40k – but if you play 40k, you’ll pick up Apocalypse super quick!

Winning the game boils down to the mission objectives, scoring Victory Points, and destroying your enemy! If you do manage to wipe out their entire army, you’ll probably end up winning in the end – but that’s a tall order with the scale of these battles.

Building Your Army

In Apocalypse you’re still going to gather your armies based on Detachments. However, there are some differences in exactly how the Detachments are laid out compared to their 40k cousin. You can see the difference below between Battaltions in 40k vs Apocalypse. Note how the HQ requirements have shifted.

40k Battalion Detachment


Apocalypse Battalion Detachment

In the video you can see the different detachments and how they have changed between the two. That basically means if you have a 40k detachment, you should be able to easily transfer it over to Apoc no problem. However, the inverse might not always be true.

Furthermore, the Datasheets in Apoc are very different from their 40k counterparts. Below you can see the difference between Necron Warriors in both Apoc and standard 40k.

Necron Warrior Datasheet For Apocalypse


Necron Warrior Datasheet Warhammer 40,000

Obviously there are some similarities – like movement and WS/BS.  But the rest of the sheet has many other difference. In the Apoc sheet we can see that there is an option for a 10 man size squad with one profile and a second profile for a 20 man squad. Note that a 20-man unit would only have 4 attacks with their gauss flayers. They also only count as having 4 wounds total. Interesting, no?

One final thing to note is that Apocalypse is also using Power Ratings to calculate army values instead of a point system like in 40k. Based on the way units are going to function, it fits the theme of the game really well. A unit of 10 Warriors is 6 Power Rating, while a full 20 man squad would be 14 Power Rating.

…And So Much More

There are TONS of things that work differently in Apocalypse and the video does a pretty excellent job of explaining all the details. If you have 12 minutes to spare, give it a watch today!


Time to take some more notes…Apocalypse, here we come!

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