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40K Apocalypse: Legiones Daemonic Faction Focus

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Jun 21 2019

Legions Daemonic? Yep – Chaos Daemons just got a fancy new name for Apocalypse! Check out their special rules inside.

Yep – the Legions of Chaos Daemons are coming to Apocalypse and they have some NASTY tricks up their warp-infused sleeves. Today, we’re getting just a taste of what Chaos Daemons have to offer so let’s dive in!

via Warhammer Community

First and foremost, what makes Daemon of Chaos a contender in Apocalypse is that they ALL have the Apoc version of an invulnerable save:

In case you’re out of the loop, AP in Apoc is GONE, but so are traditional invulnerable saves. Instead, the AP mechanic is based on what sized blast marker the unit has been hit with. Small Blast Markers indicate that the unit will need to make saves using a D12. But when you take a second small blast marker, you convert both to a single Large Blast Marker. So it’s basically a 2:1 ratio – and those Large Blast Markers become D6 saves.

This ability allows Chaos Daemons to ALWAYS save on a D12. Now, I personally wouldn’t be shocked if your basic troopers had something in the neighborhood of a 9+ save – but they will ALWAYS get a save. That’s much better than getting hit with a Large Blast and just getting vaporized.

Unit Previews



“Rotigus makes for an incredibly useful unit in pretty much any Apocalypse Legiones Daemonica army. Like all Nurgle units in the army, he’s capable of ignoring damage on a 6+, while his Deluge of Nurgle ability gives him a chance to inflict extra damage whenever he manifests a psychic power, allowing you to maximise the use of these already-powerful Command Assets.”

Right off the bat, we know he’s got a special ability that allows him to ignore damage on a 6+. Note the wording there – that sure sounds like it’s a Disgustingly Resilient type ability. As for Deluge of Nurgle, well, take a look:

“Free” Blast Markers for just casting powers? That’s going to be pretty handy!

Fiends of Slaanesh


Fiends are considered “fast, strong in close-combat, and look awesome.” Hey, you might only agree with 2 out of 3 of those statements – but that’s not the point! Games Workshop also teased a brutal ability they will have to counter those pesky Psykers:

So while this might not sound super great if you’re coming for 40k, one thing to note is that in Apoc, based on the units we’ve seen so far, Leadership values have been a point or two lower across the board. And again, this doesn’t cost you any other abilities or points – you just have to move your fiends within 12″ of the enemy Psyker.


Skarbrand is our first look at some of the Daemonic Weapons that Chaos Daemons will be hitting us with. Specifically, his twin Khornate Axes Carnage and Slaughter:

Destroyer, as you may recall, creates two small blast markers for every failed save. Naturally, those convert into Large Blast Markers, but you get the idea. So Carnage is great for taking swings at Multi-wound models. Conversely, if you need to take a lot of swings for a bigger unit, Slaughter doubles his numbe of attacks. Oh and then there his special aura that impacts just about everyone:

No – you can’t Fall Back. Skarbrand’s rage is infectious!


Command Asset Previews

Oh man. Did you lose a Greater Daemon? Or maybe it’s the last turn and you desperately need an objective holder. Well, Denizens of the Warp is the power for you! What I really like about this is that if you fail to roll over the Power Rating using 2D12, you can try again next turn. So maybe DON’T wait until the last turn to use it…

Infernal Gateway is your one-way ticket to Nuketown! Pick a point, roll a D12 for each unit within 6″ of that point. Every 6+ is a Blast Marker! Simple, yet effective.


What do you think of the Chaos Daemon’s Teaser? How about that fancy new name?

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