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40K Lore: Daemon Princes

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Jun 16 2019

Descant your litanies against heresy, Loremasters, for today we discuss the lore of the foulest foes of the Imperium, today we discuss Daemon Princes.

Gather ’round Loremasters and Loremaster Initiates. Today marks the time we separate those who prepared their minds against the temptations of heresy from those who are the subject of an ongoing Inquisitorial investigation by talking about one of the most dangerous subjects we can. Today we discuss the foul wretches who devote themselves to Chaos to the point where they lose any last semblance of their humanities and instead ascend to a twisted form of immortality as Daemon Princes.

Daemon Princes are former mortal Champions of Chaos who have been elevated to daemonhood by the Gods of Chaos. They have bartered their humanity for unearthly power and immortality. These so-called Champions revel in their newfound freedom in the Chaos hierarchy. Even before they ascend to Daemonhood, the Champions of Chaos traverse the land, looking for opportunities to do great and terrible deeds in order to attract that dark patronage of their foul gods.

While Daemon Princes come in various shapes, most are of hulking stature, displaying numerous mutations such as horns and wings. Even more notable are the supernatural powers they wield, some of which are associated with their patron god. What they maintain of former selves are the driving ambition and ruthless cunning which helped them earn their ultimate reward.

In the 41st millennium, most Daemon Princes hail from the ranks of the Chaos Space Marines, warriors with the capability and motivation to slay the populations of entire worlds, although the oldest managed to ascend during the savage age long before mankind left ancient Earth.

Daemon Princes rule supreme over mortal Chaos followers and are usually granted reign over a Daemon World of their own. Despite this, it is not uncommon for them to leave the material plane completely and join a daemonic legion in order to serve as right hand of a mighty Greater Daemon or even as that daemons commander. For all their rank and power however, real Daemons commonly regard them as inferior due to their human origin, a belief that is very rarely proven, as many Princes have slain powerful Daemons long before joining their immortal ranks


Daemon Princes are the ultimate expression of corruption, in that a human who would otherwise have been a powerful champion of the Emperor’s light instead uses their power for evil. But not all hope is lost–these fiends can be slain, and their immortality is as fleeting as you’d expect anything empowered by the whims of the Ruinous Powers to be. Here’s a list of Daemon Princes who have met an untimely end.

Sindri Myr was an Alpha Legion Sorcerer. He was Lord Bale‘s advisor during Alpha Legion’s search for the Maledictum, and by his careful scheming the Orks of the planet were used to buy time for the Chaos forces to complete their search. During the search he tainted the Blood Ravens Librarian Isador Akios with taunts of how he might use the Maledictum for his own victory against Chaos. Eventually, Isador succumbed to the lure of Chaos and was executed by his old friend and Blood Ravens’ Captain Gabriel Angelos.

Later, when the sacrificing of more lives and time was necessary, Sindri tricked Lord Bale into combat with Angelos, who slew Bale. Sindri escaped the confrontation, and eventually made himself into a Daemon Prince with the power of the Maledictum. He was soon defeated, however, by the Blood Ravens.

M’kar the Reborn was a Daemon Prince. His original name was Maloq Kartho, a Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers. In 799.M41 M’kar attacked the world of Acralem, seeking to turn it into his throneworld from which he could create an empire. The Imperial counter-offensive was spearheaded by Grey Knights and in the final battle M’Kar was slain by a young Kaldor Draigo

Sethselameth is a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. He emerged on the Blood Angels battle barge Bloodcaller, where he battled Chapter Master Kadeus. Kadeus banished Sethselameth and a mural of their battle was created on the battle barge.

So you can see, Loremasters, though Daemon Princes may be powerful–their fates are sealed the moment they swear themselves to Chaos.


If any of you feel a particular stirring after today’s lecture, please come and have a chat with our visiting member of the Ordo Hereticus, we’ll have you sorted out in no time.

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