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40K RETRO: Khorne’s Stormboyz Claiming Skulls for the WAAAGH

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Jun 12 2019


Almost 30 years ago GW answered the question – can an Ork ever be TOO bloodthirsty?


We all know that Orks love to fight, and they love to kick butt. But while the objects of their attention usually end up dead – maybe it’s the violence and not the death that is the attraction.

1991’s FREEBOOTERZ hardcover Ork expansion book really opened up the Ork race. It was chock full of weird units (like Weirdboy Warpheadz), Ork-Genestealer Hybrid mobs and other greenskin craziness. But for my money Khorne’s Stormboyz is where it’s at. The unit that stands at the exact intersection of Violence St. and Bloodthirsty Ave.  Let’s take a dive into exactly what this unit is all about:

So let’s get right to it – Khorne is not JUST about the violence – he’s about the CASH.  You’re an Ork – in space, trying to get jobs as a Freebooter and you need an EDGE over the competition. A pirate’s gotta do what a pirate’s gotta do. When the big landlubbin Warboss isn’t lookin, you can start worshipping Khorne to get that little extra close combat skill and make some extra bucks.  Kunnin plan!

Next you have all this extra cash lying around just burning a hole in your orky pockets. I think Heavy Plasma Guns and Melta Missiles will fill the bill perfectly. Why settle for lame stuff every other Ork has like shootas when multi-meltas can be had.  Also note the option for Jump Packs which would become standard kit years later.  It looks like Khorne was ahead of his time.



You know you want to print out and use this backbanner!

Then of course you can roll up some insane chaos rewards if you have your Realm of Chaos book handy. It was a d1000 chart, so maybe you’ll get a Daemon weapon, but maybe you’ll get my favorite “silly walk” mutation.  Roll them bones.  1991 was a strange time.

~ I sincerely hope I’ve given you converters a bit of inspiration for a unit to spice up your Ork (or Chaos) army.  





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