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AoS Next Week: The New General’s Handbook

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Jun 9 2019

Next week from GW, a new General’s Handbook brings massive updates to the Mortal Realms.

That’s right folks, it’s time to get hype for battles across the Mortal Realms because there’s a new General’s Handbook on the way. With new allegiamve abilities, rules for all three styles of play (open, narrative, and matched) the book is crammed full of good stuff. So much so that the pitched battle profiles are being printed in their own separate booklet. Let’s take a look.

via Warhammer Community

This year’s General’s Handbook is split into two main parts – the handbook itself, which is a guide to gaming in the Mortal Realms that you’ll be using for years, alongside a separate set of Pitched Battle profiles.

On the Narrative side of things, you’ll find a bunch of cool scenario rules bundled into Streets of Death. There are new Arcane Objectives alongside Raids and Ambush rulea to give your game a little more story–but the biggest news here seems to be the new Mercenary Companies rules which let you add mercenary units to your army, even in Matched Play.

Over in Open Play land, there are battleplans and army generators that will help you play no matter the size of your army. But, the biggest segment seems to be Matched Play. Here’s what’s in store:

For matched play, you can look forward to loads of new battleplans offering challenges for tournament players and club nights alike. Other tweaks to pitched battles – new Triumphs, command abilities available to any army, and terrain features – add even more depth and choice to the thriving competitive scene for Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Meanwhile, Meeting Engagements let you enjoy all the thrills of matched play in a fraction of the time and with smaller armies.

This year’s General’s Handbook also contains allegiance abilities for several factions, with expanded rules for IronjawzSeraphonWanderersDarkling CovensFree PeoplesSlaves to Darkness and Dispossessed. If you’re looking to make the most of these forces in your games, the book is a must-have.


And then there’s the pitched battle profiles which are getting their own booklet this year, which will have all the points updates, and new rules for Compendium units, endless spells and terrain.

Finally you can get all the tokens, cards,  and so on you’d want with the Warlord Edition.

Be on the lookout for this next week!

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