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Forge World: Knight Asterius Model & Rules Arrive

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Jun 3 2019

One of the rarest and biggest Imperial Knights hits the tables of the Horus Heresy this week. We finally get a look at the enormous Acastus can do. It’s a sinister piece of work.

Knight Acastus Rules Download

Let’s take a look at this mechanical monster, and set my brain back into Horus Heresy rules mode.

It’s a big boy with 8 Hull Points, heavy AP values and a 4+ Ion Shield save. It’s not cheap, but also not going into the Titan price range.

The guns is where the Asterius really stands out. It’s 1950s “ray gun” looking Conversion Beam Cannons are awesome with their hallmark “gets better farther away mechanic” paired perfectly with the Knight that wants to stay back and blast away at the bad guys behind a giant screen of friendlies. The 42-72″ rangeband is particularly nasty at S10 AP1, 7″ Massive Blast. Sunder lets it reroll failed armor penetration rolls (ouch), while Wrecker is +1 on the damage tables for fortifications.

The Karacnos Battery is sinister; a weapon Destroyers would love. It’s the not the base stats that makes it scary, but the Fleshbane that always wounds models on a 2+ and Rad-phage with it’s -1T for the rest of the game if you survive. Radiation is BAD NEWS.


~ The model goes on sale this week, so look out. I can’t wait for it’s 40K datasheet to show up.

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