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GW Pre-Orders: Contrast & Paints Updated

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Jun 8 2019

Contrast and the entire GW Paint range just got an update. Come see what’s new from GW this weekend!

We’re going to do this GW Pre-order post a little different. Basically the Contrast line is out for Pre-Order, but that’s not all. GW also decided to do a refresh to Air and Base line of paints, too. We suggest you head over to their website and check out how they have the paints organized. But before you go, here’s some general information about the new paints:

Contrast Price Per Pot: $7.80

Base Paint Price Per Pot: $4.55

Air Price Per Pot: $7.80

Layer Paint Price Per Pot: $4.55

via Games Workshop

Contrast Paint Collection Bundle: $265.20

Contrast: Iyanden Yellow (18ml)
Contrast: Gryph-hound Orange (18ml)
Contrast: Blood Angels Red (18ml)
Contrast: Flesh Tearers Red (18ml)
Contrast: Volupus Pink (18ml)
Contrast: Shyish Purple (18ml)
Contrast: Magos Purple (18ml)
Contrast: Leviadon Blue (18ml)
Contrast: Ultramarines Blue (18ml)
Contrast: Akhelian Green (18ml)
Contrast: Dark Angels Green (18ml)
Contrast: Nazdreg Yellow (18ml)
Contrast: Ork Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Creed Camo (18ml)
Contrast: Militarum Green (18ml)
Contrast: Aggaros Dunes (18ml)
Contrast: Skeleton Horde (18ml)
Contrast: Snakebite Leather (18ml)
Contrast: Gore-grunta Fur (18ml)
Contrast: Cygor Brown (18ml)
Contrast: Wyldwood (18ml)
Contrast: Fyreslayer Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Guilliman Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Darkoath Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Apothecary White (18ml)
Contrast: Gryph-charger Grey (18ml)
Contrast: Space Wolves Grey (18ml)
Contrast: Basilicanum Grey (18ml)
Contrast: Black Templar (18ml)
Contrast: Talassar Blue (18ml)
Contrast: Warp Lightning (18ml)
Contrast: Aethermatic Blue (18ml)
Contrast: Plaguebearer Flesh (18ml)
Contrast: Terradon Turquoise (18ml)


Air Paint Collection Bundle: $608.40

Air: Averland Sunset (24ml)
Air: Mephiston Red (24ml)
Air: Khorne Red (24ml)
Air: Kantor Blue (24ml)
Air: Macragge Blue (24ml)
Air: Caledor Sky (24ml)
Air: Caliban Green (24ml)
Air: Castellan Green (24ml)
Air: Deathworld Forest (24ml)
Air: Zandri Dust (24ml)
Air: Mournfang Brown (24ml)
Air: XV-88 (24ml)
Air: Dryad Bark (24ml)
Air: Mechanicus Standard Grey (24ml)
Air: Abaddon Black (24ml)
Air: Leadbelcher (24ml)
Air: Balthasar Gold (24ml)
Air: Steel Legion Drab (24ml)
Air: The Fang (24ml)
Air: Flash Gitz Yellow (24ml)
Air: Troll Slayer Orange (24ml)
Air: Evil Sunz Scarlet (24ml)
Air: Genestealer Purple (24ml)
Air: Calgar Blue (24ml)
Air: Lothern Blue (24ml)
Air: Temple Guard Blue (24ml)
Air: Sybarite Green (24ml)
Air: Moot Green (24ml)
Air: Warboss Green (24ml)
Air: Straken Green (24ml)
Air: Elysian Green (24ml)
Air: Ogryn Camo (24ml)
Air: Ushabti Bone (24ml)
Air: Caste Thinner (24ml)
Air: Tallarn Sand (24ml)
Air: Karak Stone (24ml)
Air: Kislev Flesh (24ml)
Air: Deathclaw Brown (24ml)
Air: Tau Light Ochre (24ml)
Air: Balor Brown (24ml)
Air: Tuskgor Fur (24ml)
Air: Baneblade Brown (24ml)
Air: Dawnstone (24ml)
Air: Administratum Grey (24ml)
Air: Ulthuan Grey (24ml)
Air: White Scar (24ml)
Air: Ironbreaker (24ml)
Air: Runefang Steel (24ml)
Air: Relictor Gold (24ml)
Air: Russ Grey (24ml)
Air: Fenrisian Grey (24ml)
Air: Terminatus Stone (24ml)
Air: Angron Red Clear (24ml)
Air: Calth Blue Clear (24ml)
Air: Deathshroud Clear (24ml)
Air: Eidolon Purple Clear (24ml)
Air: Mortarion Green (24ml)
Air: Phoenician Purple (24ml)
Air: Pyroclast Orange Clear (24ml)
Air: Sigismund Yellow Clear (24ml)
Air: Night Lords Blue (24ml)
Air: Death Korps Drab (24ml)
Air: Vulkan Green (24ml)
Air: Corvus Black (24ml)
Air: Chemos Purple (24ml)
Air: Typhon Ash (24ml)
Air: Sons Of Horus Green (24ml)
Air: Phalanx Yellow (24ml)
Air: Kakophoni Purple (24ml)
Air: Nocturne Green (24ml)
Air: Lupercal Green (24ml)
Air: Gal Vorbak Red (24ml)
Air: Word Bearers Red (24ml)
Air: Castellax Bronze (24ml)
Air: Valdor Gold (24ml)
Air: Iron Hands Steel (24ml)
Air: Grey Knights Steel (24ml)
Air: Thallax Gold (24ml)


Base Paint Collection Bundle $242.70

Base: Phoenician Purple (12ml)
Base: Death Korps Drab (12ml)
Base: Gal Vorbak Red (12ml)
Base: Night Lords Blue (12ml)
Base: Nocturne Green (12ml)
Base: Corvus Black (12ml)
Base: Lupercal Green (12ml)
Base: Iron Hands Steel (12ml)
Base: Grey Knights Steel (12ml)
Base: Iron Warriors (12ml)
Base: Barak-nar Burgundy (12ml)
Base: Catachan Fleshtone (12ml)
Base: Morghast Bone (12ml)
Base: Corax White (12ml)
Base: Wraithbone (12ml)
Base: Grey Seer (12ml)
Base: Abaddon Black (12ml)
Base: Averland Sunset (12ml)
Base: Balthasar Gold (12ml)
Base: Bugman’s Glow (12ml)
Base: Caledor Sky (12ml)
Base: Caliban Green (12ml)
Base: Castellan Green (12ml)
Base: Celestra Grey (12ml)
Base: Daemonette Hide (12ml)
Base: Death Guard Green (12ml)
Base: Death World Forest (12ml)
Base: Dryad Bark (12ml)
Base: Incubi Darkness (12ml)
Base: Ionrach Skin (12ml)
Base: Jokaero Orange (12ml)
Base: Kantor Blue (12ml)
Base: Khorne Red (12ml)
Base: Leadbelcher (12ml)
Base: Macragge Blue (12ml)
Base: Mechanicus Standard Grey (12ml)
Base: Mephiston Red (12ml)
Base: Mournfang Brown (12ml)
Base: Naggaroth Night (12ml)
Base: Rakarth Flesh (12ml)
Base: Ratskin Flesh (12ml)
Base: Retributor Armour (12ml)
Base: Rhinox Hide (12ml)
Base: Screamer Pink (12ml)
Base: Screaming Bell (12ml)
Base: Steel Legion Drab (12ml)
Base: Stegadon Scale Green (12ml)
Base: The Fang (12ml)
Base: Thousand Sons Blue (12ml)
Base: Waaagh! Flesh (12ml)
Base: Warplock Bronze (12ml)
Base: XV-88 (12ml)
Base: Zandri Dust (12ml)

Shade Paint Collection $117

Shade: Agrax Earthshade (24ml)
Shade: Agrax Earthshade Gloss (24ml)
Shade: Athonian Camoshade (24ml)
Shade: Biel-Tan Green (24ml)
Shade: Carroburg Crimson (24ml)
Shade: Casandora Yellow (24ml)
Shade: Coelia Greenshade (24ml)
Shade: Drakenhof Nightshade (24ml)
Shade: Druchii Violet (24ml)
Shade: Fuegan Orange (24ml)
Shade: Nuln Oil (24ml)
Shade: Nuln Oil Gloss (24ml)
Shade: Reikland Fleshshade (24ml)
Shade: Reikland Fleshshade Gloss (24ml)
Shade: Seraphim Sepia (24ml)

Layer Paint Collection $429.35

Layer: Administratum Grey (12ml)
Layer: Ahriman Blue (12ml)
Layer: Alaitoc Blue (12ml)
Layer: Altdorf Guard Blue (12ml)
Layer: Auric Armour Gold (12ml)
Layer: Balor Brown (12ml)
Layer: Baneblade Brown (12ml)
Layer: Bestigor Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Brass Scorpion (12ml)
Layer: Cadian Fleshtone (12ml)
Layer: Calgar Blue (12ml)
Layer: Dark Reaper (12ml)
Layer: Dawnstone (12ml)
Layer: Deathclaw Brown (12ml)
Layer: Deepkin Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Doombull Brown (12ml)
Layer: Elysian Green (12ml)
Layer: Emperor’s Children (12ml)
Layer: Eshin Grey (12ml)
Layer: Evil Sunz Scarlet (12ml)
Layer: Fenrisian Grey (12ml)
Layer: Fire Dragon Bright (12ml)
Layer: Flash Gitz Yellow (12ml)
Layer: Flayed One Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Fulgurite Copper (12ml)
Layer: Gehenna’s Gold (12ml)
Layer: Genestealer Purple (12ml)
Layer: Gorthor Brown (12ml)
Layer: Hashut Copper (12ml)
Layer: Hoeth Blue (12ml)
Layer: Ironbreaker (12ml)
Layer: Kabalite Green (12ml)
Layer: Karak Stone (12ml)
Layer: Kislev Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Liberator Gold (12ml)
Layer: Loren Forest (12ml)
Layer: Lothern Blue (12ml)
Layer: Moot Green (12ml)
Layer: Nurgling Green (12ml)
Layer: Ogryn Camo (12ml)
Layer: Pallid Wych Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Pink Horror (12ml)
Layer: Runefang Steel (12ml)
Layer: Runelord Brass (12ml)
Layer: Russ Grey (12ml)
Layer: Screaming Skull (12ml)
Layer: Skarsnik Green (12ml)
Layer: Skavenblight Dinge (12ml)
Layer: Skrag Brown (12ml)
Layer: Skullcrusher Brass (12ml)
Layer: Slaanesh Grey (12ml)
Layer: Sotek Green (12ml)
Layer: Squig Orange (12ml)
Layer: Stormhost Silver (12ml)
Layer: Stormvermin Fur (12ml)
Layer: Straken Green (12ml)
Layer: Sybarite Green (12ml)
Layer: Sycorax Bronze (12ml)
Layer: Tallarn Sand (12ml)
Layer: Tau Light Ochre (12ml)
Layer: Teclis Blue (12ml)
Layer: Temple Guard Blue (12ml)
Layer: Thunderhawk Blue (12ml)
Layer: Troll Slayer Orange (12ml)
Layer: Tuskgor Fur (12ml)
Layer: Ulthuan Grey (12ml)
Layer: Ungor Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Ushabti Bone (12ml)
Layer: Warboss Green (12ml)
Layer: Warpfiend Grey (12ml)
Layer: Warpstone Glow (12ml)
Layer: Wazdakka Red (12ml)
Layer: White Scar (12ml)
Layer: Wild Rider Red (12ml)
Layer: Xereus Purple (12ml)
Layer: Yriel Yellow (12ml)
Layer: Zamesi Desert (12ml)
Layer: Gauss Blaster Green (12ml)
Layer: Baharroth Blue (12ml)
Layer: Dorn Yellow (12ml)
Layer: Fulgrim Pink (12ml)
Layer: Dechala Lilac (12ml)
Layer: Krieg Khaki (12ml)
Layer: Blue Horror (12ml)
Layer: Lugganath Orange (12ml)
Layer: Kakophoni Purple (12ml)
Layer: Sons Of Horus Green (12ml)
Layer: Phalanx Yellow (12ml)
Layer: Castellax Bronze (12ml)
Layer: Vulkan Green (12ml)
Layer: Word Bearers Red (12ml)
Layer: Bloodreaver Flesh (12ml)
Layer: Knight-Questor Flesh (12ml)


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