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ToyLand: These New Statues Can Take Down the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man

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Jun 10 2019


They’re here to save the world again! Chronicle Collectibles has created statues of Egon, Winston, Ray, Venkman, and Slimer in the style of The Real Ghost Busters cartoon. The series debuted in 1986 and ran through 1991 – I watched it as a kid, and I’m sure more than a few of you did as well. It had a voice cast that included Lorenzo Music, Dave Coulier, Frank Welker, and Arsenio Hall among others.


These statues are based off original assets from the animated series provided by Sony. Each polyresin, limited edition statue is 10″ tall on a 4″ base. They’re $149.99 each, and on pre-order now.

Egon Spengler
As far as psychokinetic theorists go, Egon Spengler is pretty handy in a fight with a spectral entity. Once the action is on, Egon is right there in the front lines, an unlicensed nuclear accelerator strapped to his back, providing real-time analysis of the situation and helping the team to implement any strategies necessary for busting that ghost. The foundation of everything that is The Real Ghostbusters sprung straight from Egon’s brain. While other members of the team excel at the more worldly aspects of Ghostbusting, without Egon’s constant intellectual contributions, there’d be little for the rest of them to do.


Peter Venkman
Dr. Peter Venkman, professor of the occult, is The Real Ghostbusters’ frontman. Cocky, brash and headstrong, Venkman’s unparalleled ability to take nothing seriously can have the effect of carrying the team through many situations on the strength of his bravado. Of course, it just as frequently gets them into trouble…



Ray Stantz
Dr. Ray Stantz provides the middle ground between the brash irreverence of Peter Venkman and the high-minded intellectualism of Egon Spengler. He’s the team’s engineer, transforming Egon’s theories into something tangible that the team can use in their work. His childlike demeanor makes him a bit awkward in most social situations. But if you’re looking for an unlicensed nuclear accelerator that can effectively combat a four-fold cross rip, Stantz is your guy.


Winston Zeddemore
Winston Zeddemore is the rock of the Ghostbusters. He’s also a dead eye with a proton emitter. So if you’re a spirit or specter or in any other way associated with the supernatural, you’d be well advised to avoid looking down the business end of one if he’s the man wielding it. Having applied to the Ghostbusters on a lark, Winston was forged from a skeptic into a believer. Once he fully realized the magnitude of the psychokinetic incursions in New York City, Winston made himself an indispensable part of the team.

If you buy all four team members, you’ll be able to add Slimer to complete the set. The floating psychomagnotheric slime sidekick that is always hungry will not available for individual sale.



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