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Warhammer: Everything You Need To Know About Everchosen

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Jun 14 2019

The rules are out for GW’s epic new painting contest, Everchosen. Come take a look at the rules and find out how you can wield the Slayer of Kings.

Everchosen is a worldwide painting contest that pulls together the best work from fans of Warhammer in every corner of the world. Up for grabs is the amazing Slayer of Kings, freshly forged for the winner.

But if you want to win, you’ll have to play by the rules, which is what we’re going over today. There are a few common sense things that have to be spelled out, and you know that means there’s a story behind it, but your entry must be a Citadel miniature, and must be wholly owned and painted by you. There are three categories all in all:

Open Category

  • This category can be entered by anyone – including Warhammer staff!
  • Your entry in the Open category can be any single example, collection or display of Warhammer miniatures, provided it can be displayed in an area no more than 30cm x 30cm.

Young Bloods

  • This category can be entered by anyone under 16.
  • Entries in this category must be a single Warhammer miniature that can be displayed in an area no more than 30cm x 30cm.


  • This category can be entered by any non-staff aged 16 or over.
  • This must be a single Warhammer miniature on a 60mm or smaller base.
  • The miniature must be a current part of the Citadel miniatures range – defined as currently featuring on Entries may be converted using parts from other models which meet the same requirements.

Once your entry is in, you’ll want to head down to your local store on the 27th of July. There you’ll be able to vote once in each category, and the top winner of the Everchosen contest will go on to the next round, where they will be featured among the world’s finest Citadel miniature paintings. If you’re not sure where to go, either to enter or to vote, GW’s got a couple of helpful Store Finders on their site. It’s already kicked off, so you can get started painting whenever, up until July 27th, when the voting begins.

Happy Painting, and best of luck!


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