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Warhammer 40K: Codex Space Marines Biggest Point Changes

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Aug 19 2019

We’ve gone sifting through 3 books to find the big point changes in the Marine codex. There are a couple of shockers.

Centurion Assault Squad 30 pts (previously 53)

Their weapons stayed the same, but the melee Marines-inside-of-Marines got an enormous points drop.  Look to see folks trying out squads of these near you.

Land Raider 180 pts (previously 200)

A 10% drop for the old classic. It’s a mobile building, is durable and still packs solid firepower. Just be careful about getting it too close to the action.

Repulsor 215 pts (previously 185)


One of the rare point increases. With the effectiveness of the Executioner and the much lower price of the Impulsor, I’m curious to see if we will see the standard Repulsor take up the spot previously held by the Land Raider – potent, but rarely seen.

Dreadnought Melee Weapons

All three of these next three are of a kind. They all add up to GW saying that the Melee Dreads needed to drop in points. We’ll see if it’s enough to get the old walking coffins back onto the tabletop.

  • Dreadnought chainfist 28 pts (previously 38)
  • Dreadnought combat weapon 20 pts (previously 30)
  • Seismic Hammer 30 pts (previously 40)

Thunder Hammer (Characters) 40 pts (previously 21)

OUCH! I think GW got the message about Smash Captains. Nuff said.  Let’s see if almost doubling the cost of the Character Thunder Hammers curbs their use. It will certainly put the squeeze on the rest of Slam Captain armies.


Land Speeders

Both these two combine to make the fire support Typhoon Speeders cheaper. They once were so common a couple of editions ago. Maybe one last hurrah?

Land speeders 45 pts (previously 50)

Typhoon Missile Launchers 32 pts (previously 38)

Rhino 65pts (previously 70)

It’s nice but seems like too little too late with the Impulsor train leaving the station, and Drop Pods getting a shot in the arm.


Tacticals 12pts (previously 13)

A tiny change but an important one. With Tacticals now 1 pt more than the bargain-basement Scouts, players looking for bargain TROOPS to fill detachments have a real decision to make. You DO get a lot of utility over Scouts for that 1 pt.

~Which changes do you think will most change the Marine meta?

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