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The Living Dead Come to Life with These Peasants from Fireforge

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Sep 6 2019

Recently I got my hands on a number of products by Fireforge Games. Among those products were these Living Dead Peasants for their game Forgotten World. Now, let’s take a closer look at these Undead Miniatures.

The game doesn’t exist yet, but they posted first six boxes of miniatures for it up on pre-order. The expected shipping date is in October.

This boxed set by Fireforge Games comes with 18 multi-part plastic miniatures spread across three identical sprues. With those sprues are 18 round and 18 square bases so you have an option of how to mount them for your preferred game. Fireforge built these figures for their upcoming game Forgotten World, but you may use them for whatever miniatures game you wish. For me, that means Forgotten World, Frostgrave and whatever other miniatures games that call for fantasy zombies.

In this post, I review those miniatures. Specifically, I offer scale comparison photos, sprue photos and some pictures of the miniatures too. My goals is for you to make up your own mind on whether these miniatures are something for you. If you want more reading on the topic, I have a very comprehensive two part review of these miniatures on my personal website (Part 1 and Part 2).

Now, let’s take a closer look at those miniatures.

The full collection of Zombie Rabble that I made with Firelock Games’ Living Dead Peasants.

The Sprue…

The boxed set comes with three identical sprues. These sprues contain a total of 15 different weapons, 10 heads and 6 bodies.

The first side of the Sprue. Notice all the options. 15 weapons and 10 different heads. You get three of these sprues in the box.

The fact that you have so many options on the sprue means that you will have a lot of bits left over for your next projects.

Select Miniatures

With the three sprues, I built all 18 of my Living Dead Peasants. I made a point to build one miniature of each weapon option with only three repeats in the weapons selected. While I am not going to show all of the miniatures in this post, below are a select few of some pretty good looking minis. You can expect to build Zombies like this if you buy this boxed set.

A Zombie getting his eye ate out by a bird while carrying a lantern and cleaver axe.

These are repeated weapon options, but I made it unique by making him armed with two weapons instead of one.

Who doesn’t like models armed with scythes? 🙂

Yes, these Zombies remember how to use those weapons!

A two-handed flail, while a farmer’s tool, is just nasty! Look out knights!

These are some fairly nice looking miniatures. So, how do they scale up against other miniatures?


Scale Comparison Images

Now, let’s take a look at how these models scale versus some other companies.

North Star Military Figures Official Frostgrave Miniatures versus Fireforge Games’ Forgotten World Miniatures. Left to right… Frostgrave Cultist Zombie, Forgotten World Living Dead Peasant, Frostgrave Cultist, Forgotten World Living Dead Peasant.

A scale comparison of Mantic Games Zombies versus Fireforge Games Living Dead Peasants. Left to right… Mantic Games Zombie, Fireforge Games, Mantic Games, Fireforge Games.

Here we have from left to right… A Song of Ice and Fire (Edward Stark), Forgotten World, Fireforge Games Templar Grandmaster, Forgotten World. As a note, the Grandmaster is a larger scale than the other miniatures in the system for which he is designed. He is kind of like “The Mountain” in some ways.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully this quick review of the Living Dead Peasants by Fireforge Games gives you an idea if these are minis that you want to investigate further. Personally, I like how many different weapon options they cam with and I think they will look good once I get them painted.

If you are interested in more about these miniatures, be sure to check part one and part two of my more comprehensive review of them on Must Contain Minis. There I have pictures of all 18 minis along with more scale comparison photos and more pictures of the sprues.

Again, these miniatures are currently available on pre-order from Fireforge Games and are expected to ship in October.

Thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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