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D&D: Rick Sanchez Takes On DMing In Upcoming Adventure

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Oct 15 2019

In the upcoming Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons, Rick Sanchez has created his own adventure and argues about the rules.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Rick Sanchez, the primary antagonist of Rick & Morty, is not only very smart, but also very opinionated. His argumentative nature (and alcoholism) are rooted in his own sense of superiority and worry that there’s nothing actually going to hold him accountable, which makes for delightfully entertaining self-destructive behavior. His character voice is strong, and it’s no less present in the upcoming D&D starter set, Rick & Morty vs. D&D, which will send players on an adventure penned “by Rick Sanchez” or rather some very talented writers who are doing their best to bring the humor of Dan Harmon’s beloved animated series to your RPG library.

It’s a great way to poke fun at yourself, but it also meets the expectations that Rick & Morty fans would have when coming into the show. Rick has a very developed sense of genre-awareness, and so when you go through and read the adventure, you’ll find Rick’s notes on his adventure, his interpretation of the rules, his calls and reasons that the game needs to get better–which drives home the secret third aspect of D&D books.

They don’t often talk about how their big modules/sets are constructed, but one of the main goals for 5th Edition is to deliver books that are fun to play with, gorgeous to look at, and entertaining to read. Nowhere is this more highlighted than in a move like this. Hearing Rick’s biting remarks fits in with the dark office humor of Penny Arcade’s Acquisitions Incorporated book, but even D&D’s latest modules proper have a push in the “entertaining read” direction.

You’ll find a menu of devilish delights (which doesn’t include deviled eggs) available at one of the restaurants you can find in the first layer of hell sprinkled in amid stat blocks of demons that vomit other demons, devils that just want to be released from their shield-prisons, and a flying tiny elephant that blazes with celestial power. I’d say this has come a long way from the 80’s, but really this is just an extension of the goofy heart that has always beat in D&D’s breast.

I mean Flumphs have been around since First Edition, and back then everyone in D&D was just someone else’s name spelled backwards. Omnia mutantir, nihil interrit.


Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons is out in November, alongside Eberron: Rising from the Last War.

Happy Adventuring!

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