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Warhammer 40K: Salamanders Rules Preview

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Oct 17 2019

The Sons of Vulkan are coming to Pre-Order this weekend with a new Codex Supplement and Games Workshop is showing them off!

I hope you’ve got your flamers and melta ready because the Salamanders are coming to BURNINATE everything with their new Codex Supplement. They are going to bring the heat with these spicy new rules.

via Warhammer Community

“Take the deepest dive ever into the Salamanders Chapter. The codex supplement features full details of their organisation, including the Salamanders’ history from the glory days of the Great Crusade right up to the Era Indomitus. Read accounts of their greatest victories, as well as a look at each company, exploring why there are only seven of them.”

Combat Doctrine – Promethian Cult

The Salamanders have always been about the flamer and the melta weapons and thanks to their Promethian Cult Combat Doctrine boost, they are even meaner! This one kicks off during the Tactical Doctrine and simply adds 1 to the wound roll of all flamer and melta weapons. BRUTAL!

Warlord Trait – Lord of Fire

In their book they are getting another 6 Warlord Traits and GW is showcasing one today. Lord of Fire allows units to re-roll the number of attacks made with flame weapons. This combos excellently with their Promethian Cult ability. It’s almost like GW has a theme going on…


Psychic Power – Fire Shield

The new Promethean Discipline brings another batch of Psychic Powers for the Salamanders to use and Fire Shield is one of them. It does offer some protection vs shooting and can even mess with your opponent’s charge rolls – an interesting combination.

Relic – Drake-Smiter

This super-charged Thunder Hammer does double damage (6) on unmodified wound rolls of 6. It can be quite the hard hitting hammer indeed!

Stratagem – Flamecraft


For 2 CP you can ensure you get the maximum number of hits with your Flame weapon from a unit. I can see a lot of Invictor Tactical Warsuits getting painted green in the future…


New Primaris Character – Adrax Agatone

“Adrax Agatone is the Captain of the 3rd Company, known as the Pyroclasts. Like the warriors he commands, he is a bringer of burning death. Adrax comes armed with two unique weapons – Drakkis, a hand flamer, and Malleus Noctum, a thunder hammer.”

And it’s not just his weapons that bring the pain. Check out two of his special rules he has as well:

Agatone makes for a great front-line leader as he helps your Salamanders with a +1 to wound on the first round of combat as long as he’s within 6″ of that unit. And they are probably going to be close due to the range of Flamers and Melta anyhow – so follow-up with a hard hitting charge.

The Arridian Drakehide Cloak reduces the Damage characteristic of weapons attacking Agatone by 1 down to a minimum of 1. Keep him in the fight longer so he can bring the heat!


The Salamanders are going to be hot stuff when this codex drops – are you ready for the heat?

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