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Age of Sigmar: Three Awesome Ogor Mawtribes

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Nov 06

With the release of the Ogor Mawtribes, the big boyes are having a new resurgence in the Mortal Realms. Here are my three favorite Ogor subfactions, and how to use them on the tabletop.

Just like most of the other new releases, they bring with them a plethora of subfactions, each with their own unique advantages and playstyles.


The Ogors have a very unique form of magic, based on eating foes and manipulating their fresh blood. The Bloodgullet tribe, as their name might suggest, are masters without equal of this potent “Gutmagic”, and their warriors are exceptionally empowered by it. Their clan ability allows their Butchers or Slaughtermasters to not only learn an additional Gutmagic spell, but also cast an additional spell in the hero phase. Considering the potency of their signature spells as well as the power of the Gutmagic lore spells, this is an extremely useful trait, and unless you’re fighting an army with some extreme anti-magic tricks, you’ll likely be getting most of your magic flowing.

Their command ability is pretty snazzy too, though more about empowering your lads than your magic. It allows all Glutton units wholly within 12” of the Butcher using the ability to re-roll all wound rolls made with melee weapons. Gluttons can throw down a devastating number of attacks, especially if equipped with dual hand weapons, so ensuring that their attacks can land is a powerful asset. Your general helps out your damage as well with his Nice Drop of the Red Stuff trait, which allows all models wholly within 12” to pile-in 6”, meaning you can get more lads into combat for even more crunching.

And just in case your boyes get a little bit roughed up, you can equip one of your frontline heroes with the Splatter-cleaver. This allows you to pick one of the hero’s melee weapons and, should any wounds land on your enemies, you can heal d3 wounds on all friendly Ogors wholly within 12”.

If you want power in both the magic and combat phase, this is for sure the Mawtribe for you.


On the Beastclaw side of the coin, we have the Winterbite Tribe, a clan of Ogors who have fully embraced their connection to the Everwinter and use it to empower and hide their warriors. The army has two abilities, one which reduces the to hit roll of all missile weapons that target your lads while they’re entirely within your territory, and another that adds 1 to you Huskard’s attempts to cast the Call of the Blizzard prayer. For those not in the know, this prayer allows you to resurrect a slain Yhetee within 18”, which is great since they aren’t very hardy but can be VERY deadly in combat, so keeping a unit at full strength is a big plus.


As defensive as these abilities are, the command ability balances it all out with a powerful aggressive ability, allowing a Winterbite hero to let all Frost Sabres and Yhetees wholly within 12” to fight at the beginning of the combat phase before any opponents can go. If your army is mostly these units, then you could conceivably take your entire combat phase before your opponent can respond. Your general can help these units out as well, adding 1 to their wound rolls while they are within 12”, so making most of your army them will be a major plus.

Finally, the required artefact could potentially get better as the game goes on. At the beginning of every turn, roll a dice, and on a 5+, you increase the damage of the weapon you selected for your hero, and you get to do this EVERY TURN with the damage adding up. Should you roll a 5+ for a Frostlord two turns in a row, you will be dealing 5 damage with every attack from his Frost Spear, which is insane.

If you want to dish out a bunch of punishment while taking minimal damage in return, go with this one.


When I think of Ogors, ranged superiority certainly isn’t the first thing to come to mind, as they seem to be at their happiest in the thick of things munching on the opposition. However, this Mawtribe says poppycock to all that, and all their abilities favor staying outside combat and blasting enemies to oblivion, which your opponent likely will not expect. Their army ability increases the range of Leadbelcher guns to 18”, which is great considering that you want to stay still with them to get the extra hits.

Your command ability helps your blasting out as well, allowing a hero to increase the attacks of all missile weapons used by Ironblasters wholly within 12” of the hero. This adds some incredible punch to your gun line, allowing you to fire 2 of the d6 damage cannonballs or a whopping 7 of the grapeshot option, potentially shredding a hopeful charger if you have more than 1 nearby. And since your general will probably want to stay back to buff your mighty gun line, his command trait allows him to subtract 1 from all wound rolls for missile weapons that target him.

If you are keeping your Tyrant back to power up your line, or if you are charging him forward to deal with incoming threats, it helps to take less shooting damage. As for the pesky hordes that try to dampen your fusillade with numbers, there is the tribe artefact, the Gnoblar Blast Keg. Once per battle, you can hurl the keg at a unit within 9”, rolling 6 dice and adding 1 to each roll for every 10 models in the target unit, dealing d3 mortal wounds on every 6+. That means you deal damage on a 5 against 10 man squads or a devastating 2+ should you be facing a unit of 40 or more, which could be devastating for a high model, low bravery units like Goblins or Clanrats.


If you want to throw convention out the window and try something nuts, try this Mawtribe on for size.

Which is your favorite Ogor Subfaction?


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