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D&D: A Look Inside Rick And Morty’s Starter Set

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Nov 8 2019

Come feast your eyes on Rick’s own personal Dungeon Master notes, found in the upcoming Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons starter set.

Rick and Morty are coming to D&D. Well, more accurately they’re coming to the game–if you’ve been reading the IDW comic books, then you’re already familiar with Rick and Morty’s foray into a world full of Dungeons & Dragons, written by Pat Rothfuss and Jim Zub and featuring the wit, humor, and heart of Dan Harmon’s hit animated series about an alcoholic coming to terms with the fact that being a cynical jerk is not a great choice in the long term.

On November 19th, fans all over will have a chance to play through the Starter Adventure themselves, but for now, we’ve got a preview of what awaits you inside, courtesy of the folks at IGN.

via IGN

One of the big things WotC has been playing up in their teasers of the starter set, has been the angle that Rick has scribbled his own notes in the margin of the rules, and that, as the Dungeon Master, Rick has given his own input into the dungeon you’re running through. And both of those philosophies are prevalent in what we’re seeing. Here’s Rick breaking down D&D into winners and losers:

Lemme make this really clear, THE DUNGEON MASTER IS THE WINNER BY DEFAULT. B-b-being in charge and messing with your friends makes you top dog, dawg. After that it comes down to who gets the most phat loot, experience points, and who rolled the best.

That’s some Rick-centric thinking there for certain. Even more entertaining is Rick’s take on Skill Checks and when/how they should be applied:


Or the point behind using Saving Throws:

And that same voice of Rick is present in the pages of the included adventure “The Lost Dungeon of Rickness.”

Actually the whole thing seems chock full of references to the show, including a Meseeks Room, and some priceless advice on how to roleplay a Meseeks: “Begin or end utterances with, ‘I’m Mr. Meseeks, look at me!’ or some variation thereof.”


All of this awaits you in the upcoming starter set. So be sure and check it out!

Happy Adventuring!

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