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D&D: Two Million (Plus) Feet Of Dungeons And Battlemaps

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Nov 06

Make your dungeons bigger and better with 2.25 million square feet of dungeons (and surroundings) with elemental flare. These massive maps are marvelous!

The massive maps are back folks. One Redditor’s challenge is every gamer’s treasure–so far we’ve had a million square feet of dungeons chock full of caverns and wizard towers and lava levels, as well as a single massive island. Both of these maps come in 50×50 tiles that are all designed to interconnect with ease, so you can take these tiles and build your world map by map.

At this rate the maps’ creator, Zatnikotel, will have developed a whole continent. As always, each of these maps is designed with Virtual Table Top play in mind, and are available freely from DeviantArt though folks wishing to support these amazing maps can contribute to Zatnikotel’s ko-fi in the interest of seeing more. Be on the lookout for Night Maps in the future. For now, here’s a look at the maps, freely available with and without grid, depending on your preference.

via Reddit

Hey folks, I decided to do another One Million square-feet of battlemap. It’s been a while so this time I thought I’d do a dungeon set with four distinct flavours (dimensions): Earth, Ice, Fire and Water.

The dungeons looked a little lonely. So, I’ve added the outside areas too. A total of 2.25 million square-feet of battlemap for you to download and use.

This is a classic example of someone not sticking to the project plan; I ran over my self-imposed deadline and gave myself another hundred or so hours of work, but I think the result may be worth it.

A total of 36 x 50 x 50-inch, all original content, interconnected maps, to create a huge dungeon/cave complex with added outdoor areas.


There are four “dungeon interiors” and then surrounding environs that fit together as you see above. There are fire levels:

And Earth Levels–with these incredibly detailed, absolutely lovely transitions between them:

Each map flows into the next. Even looking at the outer environs paints such a beautiful picture of an elemental landscape. There’s the classic ice section:

And of course the water level with shipwrecks and everything to investigate.


There’s so much texture to each of these maps–you can use them to build a whole campaign if you’re inspired. And they make for fantastic, easy to run dungeons. And again, they’re freely available, here are the links:

Dungeon Dimensions With Grids

Dungeon Dimensions No Grids

Support Zatnikotel on Ko-Fi

Happy Adventuring!

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