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Games Workshop: New Hobby Tools Unboxed

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Nov 03

Games Workshop has a new batch of hobby tools to help you get a grip on your hobby projects.

Okay, so all kidding aside, I actually do like the new hobby stuff. The painting handles are legitimately useful, the paint-pot holder will keep your pots from falling over and the Spray Stick is way better than I thought.

Why would you need 5 painting handles? I suppose if you were working on sets of 5 miniatures at once then having a set of 5 makes a lot of sense. And somewhere between 5-10 models seems like the right amount for me when I’m painting a squad. It’s just enough time get through a typical painting step for the first model to be dry to move on to the next. Except for washes.

The Red Handle is just red. If you wanted a red handle, then your wish just came true. It functions exactly like the other handles, but it’s red. What else can you say?

The paint pot holder is a bit of a strange accessory, but I kind of like it. It can securely hold your paints, three at a time to be exact, and should help you from spilling them. Unless you straight-up smash your pots with a random elbow, I don’t see you spilling your paints with the holder. At the same time, the regular paint pots were pretty great at also not falling over unless you accidentally dropped an elbow on them. Does that make it useful? Probably up for debate. Yet, I still like this tool for the fact that I can tilt my paint points ever so slightly so that any run-off from the lid goes back in the pot. And it will hold the paint pot in place. Hey, this is from the same company that makes cups for paint brushes and water.

Now, as for the Spray Stick, I’m a believer now. I used to just tape my miniatures to a board and spray them that way. But inevitabley, something would happen and I’d drop a miniature or two. Maybe a gust of wind would knock them over. Perhaps the adhesive wasn’t sticking to the surface area on the base very well. Or maybe I’d be feeling clumsy and lose my own grip. But the spray stick uses rubber bands to hold you miniature in place. I wasn’t convinced until I actually tried it. Plus you can turn them upside down and get the underside thanks to the gaps in the spray stick. Could you fashion one at home using a stick or board and rubber bands? Probably. Or you could just buy the Spray Stick and get it plus 50 rubber bands, too. Your call.


All of these products are up for Pre-order and should be on shelves next week. Go check them out for yourself and try them out!


I’m legit keeping the Spray Stick to prime my miniatures now. 

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