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Necromunda: Dark Uprising Terrain Set Is Bonkers

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Nov 08

The new Terrain kits in Necromunda: Dark Uprising are CRAZY good and Games Workshop is showing off a closer look.

Necromunda: Dark Uprising is a box that is packed full of plastic. If you’ve been paying attention than you know it’s got 17 sprues worth of JUST terrain – 15 of those are the brand new plastic Zone Mortalis set. If you’re looking to really up your tabletop experience with the terrain, check this stuff out!

via Warhammer Community

 The entire scenery set has been designed to be as interchangeable as possible, offering loads of opportunities for creating a wide variety of layouts.

The Frames Are Where The Magic Lives

The Sprue frames are what make this set so great. we’re getting our first good look at these frames and the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Four of those new frames are the Zone Mortalis Walls. Notice how they don’t have built in windows? That’s intentional! These bad boys are going to actually block line of sight – something that can be sorely lacking on many game tables these days.


The next set of frames will be 6 of these Zone Mortalis columns. You can use the bits to also make them into computer terminals if you want more of a tech-heavy vibe. You can even build them with water tanks, piping and grates for some extra character. Best of all, these columns are designed so you can stack them – Hey, the underhive is best played on 3 dimensions. But that also means they would be great for your games of 40k as well.

Catwalks are another iconic feature of Necromunda and the Zone Mortalis set included with Dark Uprising will have 4 frames worth of platforms. These include everything you need to build elevated walkways as well as stairs that your miniatures can actually FIT on. Just slide their bases under the next step and you’re all set. No more wasted movement.

The last Zone Mortalis frame included from is the Doors frame. These doors are designed so that you don’t need to glue the doors in – so yes, you can open and close them in your games. They also include optional access pads for extra character, too. These doors are big and bulky and will look right at home on any table with other GW terrain for the Grimdark.

There are still two more frames for this whole set – a Thermic Plasma Conduit frame and the Necromunda Barricades and Objectives frame. We’ve seen these before in other kits but they add some nice variety to the box. It also goes to show how interchangeable and how you can mix-and-match kits from all the different Imperial sectors to really customize your table and make it your own, unique experience.


Designer’s Commentary

Finally, GW also produced a short video with the Design Team to talk about the terrain – it’s worth a watch if you’ve got 3 minutes to spare:

Dark Uprising will be available for Pre-Order this weekend from Games Workshop!

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