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RPG Community Spotlight: Giving Thanks For Your Characters

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Nov 15 2019

Howdy folks, come take a look at some of our favorite fan art and RPG minis on social media. Here’s what the community is working on!

This shy, contemplative tiefling is pondering something mysterious. Perhaps life, perhaps death, perhaps what to have for tea this afternoon:

Speaking of Tieflings, here’s another. This one’s a monk with enough of a six pack to start her own convenience store.

And next up in unique half-species: a half-orc/half-goliath who seems quite jovial.

We were excited to see this gorgeous map–the colors make it pop, looks like a heck of a place for a campaign.


There are so many different art styles–you’re all so wonderful and varied and talented:

Gotta love that pixel art style. These are retro-minis coming out later this year to celebrate the Yuletide season.

How about a custom dice set that will really grind your gears (in the best way).

Everyone’s favorite pink-haired firbolg is back, enjoying a nice cup of tea. Probably used to be someone real nice from the look of it.

And as we all know, one Caduceus is never enough… so here’s another slice of Critical Role perfection:

Have we mentioned how much we’ve been appreciating the broad variety of styles. Please protect these soft heroes.

Eberron is around the corner, and this artist is celebrating it in all its pulpy, noir goodness.

Meanwhile, on Critical Role, Jester’s tattoo skills have been improving…

Have a great weekend folks!

If you saw something you liked, be sure to follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Want to share what you’re working on? Drop it in the comments – we’d love to see what you’re creating.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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