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Star Wars: Legion – R2-D2 & C-3PO Enter The Game

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Nov 21 2019

It’s two of the most iconic droids in all of Star Wars and they are joining the tabletop in Star Wars: Legion!

There is a new expansion on the way for Star Wars: Legion and it’s the Crashed Escape Pod Battlefield Expansion. Along with a new terrain set piece, we’re getting a pair of unlikely heroes with R2-D2 and C-3PO!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Throughout both the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War, these two iconic droids often took on critical objectives that sent them into the heart of battle—much to C-3PO’s chagrin. With the Crashed Escape Pod Battlefield Expansionfor Star Wars™: Legion, you can make this dynamic droid duo an integral part of your Star Wars infantry battles.

Droids Go To War?

Unlike the Battledroids of the Separatists Trade Federation, these two droids don’t seem to belong on the Battlefield. However, between the pair, they actually have some pretty useful skills!

“R2-D2 and C-3PO are so inseparable, in fact, that they are the first Star Wars: Legion unit to feature the Counterpart keyword. While R2-D2 can be deployed on his own as an Operative, he is almost never seen apart from C-3PO. As R2-D2’s Counterpart, C-3PO can only be added to your army as a part of R2’s unit, with both contributing their abilities to the single unit.”

It’s not just a unique set of skills they bring, either – they also have their own order cards they can activate on their turn, too:


Blast Off! as the name implies, allows R2-D2 to get to places he might not normally be able to get to! It adds a speed bump, a dodge token, a suppression token, the disenage action, and Jump 1 to it’s movement! That’s quite a bit for the droid.

And if you thought this little droid was just good for hacking Death Stars and causing technical problems, don’t forget about his pyromantic tendencies either. R2 will BURN your enemies with his Impromptu Immolation order.

And where there is fire, there tends to be a smoke. Smoke Screen is perfect for getting R2-D2 (or his bright golden buddy) out of pickle.


While this pair of Droid aren’t exactly designed for the rigors of ground combat, they can at least contribute in some very unique ways. They going to be available inside the expansion from FFG soon.

Crashed Escape Pod Battlefield Expansion $39.95


R2-D2 and C-3PO set the entire Star Wars saga into motion when they crash landed on Tatooine, and the Crashed Escape Pod Battlefield Expansion invites you to play our the early stages of their desperate mission in your games of Star Wars: Legion.

This expansion contains one finely sculpted crashed escape pod miniature, one C-3PO miniature, and one R2-D2 miniature, along with new battle, unit, upgrade, and command cards. The crashed escape pod miniature can be used as a terrain piece to enhance your battlefield or fought over as part of a unique scenario using the battle cards. Meanwhile, the C-3PO and R2-D2 miniatures can be used as either scenario objectives or fielded as a Rebel Alliance or Galactic Republic unit.


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