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Warhammer 40K: Blood Angels Character Rules Spotted

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Nov 21 2019

Either someone made some pretty impressive fakes or the new rules for Mephiston, Lemartes and Astorath have all leaked.

It looks like someone is posting pictures from the new Blood & Talon rules – or at least some version of them. Now, before we get into them, we still want to call out that these could be faked. But, even if they are, their rules look pretty accurate! Maybe these are just someone’s play-aides and if that’s the case, where can we get a set?

That said, until we get word that these are official from GW, we’re labeling these as RUMORS – for now.

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Before we get into each of these shets, it’s important to note that these appear to be on top of a new Blood Angels Codex. The “Blood Angels” at the bottom of the images is more stylized than the current edition of the codex even if the artwork is the same.


Again, someone could have created all three of these cards as player-aides, and if they did, they look cool! However, these could be from a new version of the Blood Angels Codex as well – perhaps GW is packaging these up as Character/Art cards included in the codex? We’ll have to wait and see.

Ruleswise, the Mephiston sheet basically has the old Mephiston rules with new Primaris stats (extra wound and attack), the Sanguine Sword has been renamed but is functionally the same, he has the new Angels of Death rule, and finally he has the Primaris Keyword.

Lemartes also got some tweaks. His stat-block stayed the same but he swapped out ATSKNF for Angels of Death, Fury Unbound now allows re-rolls for charge rolls and hit rolls (not just on failed rolls), and he gained the new Litanies/Priest rules, too. Not too shabby!

For Astorath, it’s a similar update. Most of his rules stayed the same but he got a big block of text updated with the new Litanties and Priest rules. Seems like both Blood Angel Chaplains got the same buffs. One other note is that Astorath and Lemartes also appear to have gotten a drop in Power Level from the codex. Does that mean a points drop, too? We’ll have to wait to find out!



What do you think of their rules update? And how about those new art/rules cards? I sure want a set…

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