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Warhammer 40K: Blood of Baal – Tyranid Faction Focus

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Nov 27 2019

The Hive Mind has a new batch of rules coming in Psychic Awakening 3: Blood of Baal – come see what adaptations the Tyranids are getting!

It’s about time the Tyranids started to adapt to their prey and with Blood of Baal, they are getting even better at hunting and killing their next meal. Get ready for the Hive Fleets to spring a new trap on you on the tabletop.

via Warhammer Community


“Psychic Awakening: Blood of Baal brings the action to the Red Scar where the Blood Angels are fighting the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Leviathan. It features a whole swathe of new rules for Tyranid players that embody the Hive Mind’s latest adaptations.”

Hive Fleet Adaptations

In codex Tyranids, we saw that the Hive Fleets all had their own Adaptations. For example, Hive Fleet Gorgon had Adaptive Toxins to help them out in close combat with a re-roll to wound rolls of 1. With Blood of Baal, we’re getting a whole new way to implement these Adaptations! Players will get to choose from a list so you can create your own hive fleets by picking two options from a list (similar to successor chapters from Space Marines). Where might be some mutually exclusive options, but that’s okay – now Tyranid players will be able to customize their Hive Fleets even further!

New Psychic Powers

As the Hive Fleets have taken divergent paths through the galaxy, they have learned a thing or two. That includes Psychic Powers! Now, all the classic Hive Fleets (Behemoth, Kraken, Leviathan, Gorgon, Jormungandr, Hydra and Kronos) are getting their own specific Psychic Power! Here’s a look at Leviathan’s new trick:


Extend your Synapse range out to 18″ instead of 12″ for the extra support of the Hive Mind!

Tyranids are still going to have Shadow in the Warp to aide with all those pesky psykers popping up all over the galaxy and you can bet they are going to have even more tricks to pull thanks to their new Stratagems.

New Stratagems

Aggressive Adaptation showcases how the Tyranids are literally able to adapt rapidly on the battlefield. When a unit kills an enemy unit, they can get an additional AP on their melee attacks. They tasted the blood of their enemies and I think they want some more… This is just one of the many stratagems coming with Blood of Baal. GW says that there will be stratagems to support many styles of play.

New Bio-Artefacts

The Hive Mind has been cooking up some really nasty tricks with new Bio-Artefacts. One such weapon is the new Pathogenesis relic. These organic weapon upgrades extend the range of one of the model’s weapons and also grants a re-roll to hit and wound!

There are many more artefacts for the swarm to choose from as well. The Hive Mind hungers and it’s going to have the right tools for the job.


Adaptive Physiology

Tyranids are getting a new way to distribute Warlord-type abilities. With Adaptive Physiology, they can now grant benefits to specific Infantry or Monsters units, too.

“Rather than determining a Trait, you can select an Infantry unit or a Monster in your army and give it an Adaptive Physiology instead. These represent a range of gene-spliced abilities that the Tyranids use in order to secure victory.”

Slap this on a unit camping on an objective and enjoy your improved armor saves all game long.


There is so much more coming for the Tyranids in Blood of Baal. The Tyranids are coming to the tabletop – are you going to be their next meal?

Author: Adam Harrison
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