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Warhammer 40K BREAKING: New Minis Next Week – Mephiston And More

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Nov 24 2019

There are a ton of new minis coming next week, including the new Prime Time Mephiston as well as a whole swath of new Battleforce Boxes.

December is going to be a big one for 40K.  In addition to the new Psychic Awakening and Chapter Approved books coming out for pre-order next week, there’s also a new round of miniatures coming. There are all new battleforce boxes, including the Adeptus Titanicus Knight Household that’s been coming for a while now. And with an update that’s been needed even more than Abaddon, a brand new Mephiston that looks amazing. Let’s go take a look.

via Warhammer Community

There are six new battleforces for 40K. And you can split them roughly into heroic types, pictured above, with Space Wolves, Blood Angels, and T’au. And villainous types, including Chaos Space Marines, Drukhari, and Tyranids.

And if, like Adam Harrison, you believe the Tyranids did nothing wrong, you’ll be pleased to see a whole swarm of these bugs just waiting to use the new Adaptive Physiology system coming in Blood of Baal. For you Adeptus Titanicus players, the new Knight Household Battlebox is a great way to dive in.

This Household Battleforce contains 12 new knights. Check ’em out:


Even the Age of Sigmar is getting in on this battlebox bonanza, with Gloomspite Gitz, Nighthaunts, Stormcast Eternals, and even Skaven up for grabs:

Okay you’ve seen the rest, now let’s look at the best new mini on offer. A long awaited, much needed update to a mini. It’s basically one of those extreme makeover shows, where Mephiston went from drab:

To fab:


Look at the detail on him. He’s got so much blood just hanging out right there. Bigger and badder than ever, our boy Mephiston is chock full of exciting details. Take a close up look at what the new Primaris-sized mini has to offer:

All of this comes out for pre-order next week, so get ready.

What do you think of the new Mephiston? What battle boxes are you looking forward to?

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