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Warhammer 40K: Comparing The Sister of Battle Tanks

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Nov 4 2019

The Sisters of Battle are getting some upgrades to the Exorcist and the Immolator. Come take a closer look at the new vs old tanks.

When it comes to tanks that certainly stand out, the Sisters of Battle have two of the more divergent tanks based off the Rhino Chassis. The Exorcist and the Immolator lean hard into that Grimdark Gothic vibe with over-the-top missile spewing organ pipes and stained glass window gunnery canopies. Games Workshop has decided to take those elements and turn them up a notch with the release of the new Sisters of Battle line. Pretty much everything in the army has gotten a revamp, including these two iconic tanks.

The Exorcist

Thematically, these two tanks are certainly in the same vein. But the new version has a couple of nice improvements in terms of style. The Organ Pipes are larger and actually DO have missiles poking of them, primed for launch. Cherubs float around the top of this scenic tank as well. The Gothic-look has really been amped up quite a bit as well – there are a ton more requaries, the exhaust pipes are fatter and have braziers on top. The ornamental extra-armor on the sides and doors are much more detailed. The front of the tank even has smoke-launchers and a new steel-beam dozer-blade.

But perhaps most telling is the addition of the heavy bolter to the front. That is a completely new addition for the tank and will add some extra firepower to an already infamous salvo launching vehicle. Does this mean we will be getting new rules for the Exorcist? Almost certainly! Sisters of Battle Player should be excited that GW isn’t just updating the model but also re-evaluating the rules as well.

The Immolator

Much like the Exorcist, the Immolator got a massive makeover. The aside from the extra details around the armor (like the Exorcist) the entire Immolator weapon system has been redesigned. The gunnery canopy looks like it belongs in one of the churches of the Ecclesiarchy of the Imperium. It has what looks like an altar to one of the sister’s saints on the back now as well. And we also see the front has been redesigned with improved smoke launchers as well as the additional heavy bolter, too.

Both of these tanks have been upgraded and I’m very curious to see how the GW rules team updated these fantastic (and fanatical) looking tanks for the Sisters. Hopefully they added some awesome new rules to matches these amazing looking tanks. The heavy bolter additions are a nice start – but I’m wondering what else is under the hood for these vehicles, rules-wise.



How do you like the new version of these tanks? What do you think GW will do to them rules-wise?

Author: Adam Harrison
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