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Warhammer 40K: Even More Chapter Approved Points Changes

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Nov 25 2019
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Games Workshop has another batch of point changes revealed for Matched Play coming soon with Chapter Approved.

The official Warhammer 40k German Facebook page has another group of points changes coming to Matched Play and these ones are kind of a big deal.

via Warhammer 40k – Germany (Facebook)


The title might be in German, but the rest of the post isn’t. These are all kind of important changes. Daemon Princes with Wings dropping to 155! Armigers dropping to 145! Chaos Space Marines dropping to 11!?!?! That’s pretty bonkers. Maybe the CSM might just take back those jobs from Cultists now.

These points changes are even more hints at what’s to come from Chapter Approved 2019. Also these are all points drops. That’s another big deal and a possible indicator that GW is moving the needle in that direction even further. If everything gets slightly cheaper, then everyone will be able to field more models – that has some implications.

On top of that, any units that actually increase in points are going to be that much higher, relative to everything else. It’s an interesting balancing act. I am a little surprised at a few of these points drops – in particular the Armiger drop. Those things are pretty effective currently with those deadly autocannons they pack. But folks didn’t seem to take a liking to them for various reasons. Maybe with the points drop they will show up more often.

Hey Blood Angels, request a handful of these for your next battle at Baal. The Tyranids won’t like them…


We’re also assuming these points drops are just to the base option – for example the War Dog version of the Armiger would be even more appealing if their melee weapons were free. Heck, CSM at 11 points seems like a steal unless you have to pay extra for their bolter or some other “Standard” wargear option. Collectively, we’re all just going to have to wait and see when those points drop with the new Chapter Approved!


I think the Necrons are about to get the Point Discounts they’ve always wanted…


Author: Adam Harrison
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