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Warhammer 40K: Faith & Fury Overview

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Nov 16 2019

Did you think the Chaos Marines were going to let the Imperium have all the fun this weekend? Guess again.

The second chapter in the Psychic Awakening Saga is here and we’ve got a hands on with Faith & Fury. And it’s looking pretty good for Chaos.

All-Aboard The Heretic Express

While it’s true that the Space Marines and Black Templar are getting some new rules in this book – quite a bit, actually – the Chaos Space Marines are really going to steal the show here. We’re going to go way more in depth with this book over the next week, but just know that the six legions are getting some really nice boosts. Warlord Traits, Relics, and stratagems are all pumping up the traitor legions in new and exciting ways.

It’s not quite the second coming of the 3.5 ‘dex but it should help Chaos out with all those new Legion specific boosts. Narrative and Competitive players are really going to find some great stuff to play around with in this book. The Night Lords and Emperor’s Children in particular are looking like they might be able to shake things up a bit. We’ll have to wait and see those impacts until this shows up in the current meta.

Marine Buffs?

Look – while it’s not like they really needed more options, the Space Marines certainly are getting some in the book. For the most part they DO cost CPs and while it could certainly be worth it for some players, for others those precious CPs are better spent elsewhere. The Masters of the Chapter are cool and so are all the new Litanies for Chaplains – in fact, Chaplains seem to have been the MVPs for this book. Chief Librarians might be in a close second with access to all those psychic powers, but Chaplains are going to be pretty useful across the board.


And speaking of Chaplains – the Black Templars are getting a bit of a tweak with this book. All three characters are in the book – Helbrecht, Grimaldus and the Emperor’s Champ. Plus rules for Crusader Squads, too. Look, as an old BT player, I’m a little salty they didn’t get a new Primaris Character but whatever. The Chapter Command options can sort of fill that role. Plus they have a new batch of Litanies to use and stratagems, warlord traits, and relics. I haven’t taken a super close look yet, but I’m sure there’s something cool in there.



Faith & Fury is going to be a smart buy for anyone rocking Power Armor and has the word Astartes anywhere on their datasheet. There’s going to be something in there for pretty much everyone and I haven’t even mentioned the lore…The book is up for pre-order this weekend and is slated for stores next weekend!


Faith will be tested. Fury will be unleashed!


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