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Warhammer 40K: Faith & Fury – The Best Chaos Marine Stratagems

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Nov 21 2019

The Chaos Space Marines have been gifted by the dark gods with a ton of new stratagems – here are the best ones to look out for!

Faith & Fury has unleashed a powerful wave of Chaos Goodies for the Heretic Astartes. Six of the OG Traitor Legions got lots of rules to go through so we brought in Goatboy to help filter through everything and help us determine what’s the cream of the crop! Below are a handful of stratagems that you’re probably going to see pop-up on the tabletop depending on which flavor of chaos is in the fight.

Malevolent Covenant – Word Bearers

Did you REALLY need that Psychic Power to go off for your dastardly plan to work? Well, now it’s a surefire success with Malevolent Covenant! The trade off is that you have to spend a CP and take a mortal wound for your uh…failure, but hey, an automatic Warptime for your big hitter seems pretty legit!

Vox Scream – Night Lords

Warhammer 4K 8th Edition really changed the game with the introduction of all those Aura Abilities. So how about a way to shut them down?! The Night Lords can do just that with Vox Scream. For 2 CP, you can choose an enemy unit within 18″ of a Night Lords unit and they get their Aura’s turned off for a round. Brutal!

Sabotaged Armoury – Alpha Legion

Everyone knows that Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions. But nothing says they can’t be the cause of them! With Sabotaged Armoury, Alpha Legion armies can help facilitate big-bada-booms. Adding 3+ to vehicle explosion rules might just cause a chain reaction and everyone knows those are fun! Make those Knights go boom.

Red Butchers – World Eaters


Have you ever wished your Terminators could be like Khorne Berzerkers? Or perhaps you wished your Khorne Berzerkers were wearing Terminator armor? Meet the Red Butchers! For 2 CP, you up their strength for the game AND they get the “Blood for the Blood God” ability which allows them to fight TWICE in each fight phase. Just think of all the hijinx you can get up to with that.

Rampant Techno-Virus – Iron Warriors

Obliterators can be pretty devastating with their Fleshmetal Guns. So why not make their random D3 rolls a tad more consistent? Rampant Techno-Virus will help them bring the boom by allowing you to re-roll any OR all D3 rolls for their weapons. Good thing GW just released that new Chaos Start Collecting! Box so you can actually get your hands on the new Obliterators, right?

This also works on Mutilator’s weapons, too. And if you’re using those models, you deserve that bonus.

These are just the top of that very deep stratagem pool. Faith & Fury is bringing all these and more to help your CSM units feel more distinct and part of a specific legion. It’s going to be good times for chaos!



Faith & Fury is out this weekend in stores – are you going to bring the Faith or the Fury with your Chaos Marines?!

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