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Warhammer 40K: Psychic Awakening Vol. 4-6 Announced

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Nov 30 2019

Games Workshop has a plan for the Grimdark moving forward and it’s unfolding with the Psychic Awakening Volumes 4, 5, and 6!

Get ready for even more psychic shenanigans with the announcement of the next three chapters for Psychic Awakening:

The Story Continues…

In the video, we see the symbols revealed for the Thousand Sons, Dark Angels, and Grey Knights! Which is fitting because it’s a revisiting of Prospero – maybe. We have a voice over from possibly Magnus or Ahriman talking and it sounds pretty ominous for the rest of us. But speaking of the Psychic Awakening…

via Warhammer Community

“But there’s more – we can treat you to the release timeline and titles of the next three books in the series after Blood of Baal – coming in January, February, and March respectively!”

One book per month in January, February, and March! This event will be moving right along for sure. Furthermore, we also have a clue from GW that each of these books will also be “accompanied by an epic champion to lead the charge in this terrible age” – that means new miniatures, folks! They also say that these champions will include  “reborn, reimagined, and brand-new” characters for the Grimdark! Well, there are 3 books and if we have a reborn, a reimagined, and a new brand-new character that’s 3 new characters, right?

Ritual of the Damned we know will be Thousand Sons, Dark Angels, and Grey Knights. But what about the other two?

  • The Greater Good – Probably T’au
  • Saga of the Beast – Probably Orks

For the T’au in “The Greater Good” I’m wondering if we’re going to see them revisit their Fourth Expansion brothers who have recently re-appeared. Considering that whole saga kicked off with the fleet going missing after what was essentially their first real attempt at Warp-space travel, it seems like a good fit. The Warp and Psykers go together like nukes and radioactive fallout.

For the Saga of the Beast, I’m guessing Orks and whatever that leads to. We know from the Ork Codex that Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka is stomping around the galaxy, seemingly in multiple places at once! There is DEFINITELY some Warp ‘ead shenanigans occuring where the Orks are concerned. Who knows what GW has planned!

Model Wishlist

If I had to assign a book to one of the 3 model “descriptions” here would be my list:

  • Ritual of the Damned – Reborn – Lion El’ Johnson
  • The Greater Good – Brand New – T’au Character
  • Saga of the Beast – Reimagined – Ghazghkull Updated

It’s kind of a fun guessing game! Let us know what you’re guesses are in the comments and for now, get ready for the Saga of Psychic Awakening to continue!



The next trilogy of Psychic Awakening books is coming very soon!

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