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Warhammer 40K: Sisters Of Battle – Junith Eruita AKA The Bully Pulpit

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Nov 17 2019

The Sisters of Battle have some powerful new units, and we’re taking a look at two: Junith Eruita, whose pulpit we’ve all seen, and the new Zephyrim.

It’s Sisters of Battle Time, and that means we’re going through the book, looking at the new rules and new units, and right now we’re showing off none other than the Bully Pulpit herself, Junith Eruita, who glides into battle on a floating parapet, and who stands literally on the names of those who have held aloft the Sisterhood of the Travelling Battle.

What an incredible mini this is. I cannot get over the detail–where some models would be content to have just a skull or twelve, Junith Eruita’s pulpit has the whole dang skellington. But let’s look at her rules and stat block!

With 7 wounds and a ballistic skill that is utterly meaningless and irrelevant, you might be wondering what exactly this pulpit brings to the table besides an ability to deal out the occasional bit of damage with her Mace of Castigation. But, with most things Sisters, it’s all about stacking up buffs. Fiery Conviction means you’ll enjoy rerolling 1’s, while her special pulpit grants you an even better Invulnerable save that will ward off wickedness.

One of the new units accompanying this new Canoness Superior, are the swift soaring Zephyrim, who look like they’ll be an alternate build of the Seraphim kit.

Only instead of being armed with flamers, they’ll have Bolt Pistols and Power Swords and be all about assaulting into your foes and taking them down. They play very well with Junith, for a 4+ invulnerable save to the whole unit–or break out the Order of the Bloody Rose and turn them into a powerhouse of assault.


Whatever you choose, the Sisters are marching on. You can pre-order them now and they’ll be in stores on November 29th. Be sure and stick around for more!

What do you think of the new units? Let us know in the comments!

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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