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Warhammer 40K: Sisters of Battle Rules – Convictions, Traits, Strats & Relics

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Nov 14 2019

Games Workshop is dropping even more previews for the Sisters of Battle and their rules. Check out a few of their Warlord Traits, Convictions, Stratagems and Relics!

The Adeptus Sororitas aren’t just getting a ton of new models (a whole new range in fact), they are getting some updated rules, too! Now, not all of these are entirely new but it’s cool to see a peek behind the codex at what we can expect inside the covers. Let’s dive in!

via Warhammer Community

New Convictions

As with the Chapter Tactics of the Space Marines (and their equivalents in other Factions), Sisters of Battle Detachments in Battle-forged armies can be given Convictions, which each offer powerful abilities that represent how your favourite Order fights.

First up, we have the Conviction for The Blood of Martyrs. I had a feeling that the Sisters were going to have alternate Miracle Dice Generation besides the ones listed in their preview. And more Miracle Dice is never a bad thing for this army. If you want to get an extra one per phase, this is how you get them! Now, it still requires your own units to be destroyed…but hey, at least you gain something from your losses.

Deeds not Words is the second Conviction that GW has revealed and it’s great for those who want some extra speed without sacrificing firepower. Advance and fire with no penalty!

Warlord Traits


The first Warlord Trait reveal also happens to be Celestine’s trait: Beacon of Faith.

Beacon of Faith Warlord Trait (which is also Celestine’s Warlord Trait) will grant you an extra Miracle dice each turn she is on the battlefield.

Again, called it on the alternate Miracle Dice generation. This one is just going to be great to have and with Celestine as your Warlord (and her ability to be unkillable) she can really stack those dice up for you.

Next up we have Indomitable Belief:

You’ll go from a 6+ Invulnerable to a 5+ most of the time – unless you have some other tricks to lower it (which you probably will). Considering it’s an army wide special rule, that could be pretty useful!


New Stratagems

Hey look – It’s a stratagem to get a Miracle Die for 1 CP!

Is that better than the Command Re-roll for 1Cp? I’m going to go with a big fat “maybe” – at least you’ll know what the roll is ahead of time, so that IS an advantage.

Storm of Retribution really ups the firepower of the Retributor Squads. You can pick which option will trigger and it makes Heavy Bolters, Heavy Flamers, and Multi-meltas even more dangerous! 36″ Multi-meltas with +1 Damage? That seems good.


Are you worried about your Sisters of Battle not being in range of all those tasty Auras that they will undoubtedly have? Well, never fear because there is a Relic for that:

The Book of Saint Lucius, for example, increases the range of the bearer’s aura abilities by 3” – a perfect choice for a Canoness with a rod of office, which will increase it further to 12”. And if she also has the Indomitable Belief Warlord Trait, even better!

And did you think that the Sisters of Battle needed even more ways to manipulate the Miracle Dice? There’s a relic for that, too:


Too bad/good thing it’s “only” once per turn. We don’t want those Miracle Dice to get out of hand or anything!

The Sisters of Battle rules are starting to take shape – what do you think of these Deadly Ladies of the Grimdark?

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