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Warhammer 40K: Sisters of Battle Rules Preview – The Power of Faith

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Nov 12 2019

The Sisters of Battle are changing things up for their rules again – check out the first preview of the new ruleset for the Adeptus Sororitas!

Games Workshop is letting the rules flow with a new set of previews for the Sisters of Battle. They have a new way to represent their devotion to the Emperor on the tabletop with the Miracle Dice and a whole lot more. Let’s dive in!

via Warhammer Community

Miracle Dice

Each time you earn a Miracle dice, you roll it and add it to your pool, while retaining its score. You can then expend these dice in place of certain rolls (hit and wound rolls, saving throws, and more) later in the battle to ensure you get the exact result you need, when you need it. How about that for your own divine intervention?!

So how do you gain Miracle Dice? It’s pretty simple and reflects their previous Acts of Faith system but changes up things quite a bit:

If you’re a long time vet, you might recognize some of these conditional triggers for gaining these Faith Points Miracle Dice. The fact that you can store them for later to then roll them when you need the exact result is pretty great! And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sacred Rites


Sacred Rites offer powerful in-game advantages and are earned by ‘keeping the faith’ – otherwise known as fielding an army made exclusively of Adepta Sororitas and Adeptus Ministorum units. At the start of the battle, you can either pick one of the six Sacred Rites to activate – whichever is most advantageous for the mission or enemy army at hand – or sacrifice your choice to generate two at random to benefit from both!


These Sacred Rites sound a lot like Chapter Tactics and you can pick one or randomly roll for two. GW was kind enough to show off two of the 6 abilities below.

Spirit of the Martyr allows your units to make one last attempt to smite the wicked. When a model with this rite is destroyed, they get to either shoot once or attack with a melee weapon on a 5+. It’s one last gasp to take them with you on the way out!

The Passion causes your melee attack to hit roll to explode on unmodified 6s. They get an additional hit. Extra swings are always welcome.

But Wait, There’s More

The Sisters are also getting some other army special rules too. These rules don’t apply to ALL the units, but you can bet that a majority of them are going to get Shield of Faith:


6+ Invulnerable saves and a slightly watered-down version of a Deny the Witch check that a bunch of units will get? That’s going to make the Sisters a lot tougher than their armor save and toughness suggest.

Units like the Death Cult Assassins, Arco-flagellants, and the Penitent Engines will have the Zealot rule which allows them re-roll their to hit rolls if they charged, were charged or performed a Heroic Intervention in the same turn. I don’t want to think about how many hits a big unit of Arco-flagellants is going to get now…

The Adeptus Sororitas are also going to get everything else you’d expect with a new codex – more Warlord Traits, Relics, Stratagems, and Order Convictions as well. These ladies are going to be kicking butt and taking names, for the Emperor of course! Here come the Sisters of Battle and they aren’t messing around.


What do you think of their new Miracle Dice system? Are you a fan or do you miss their old Acts of Faith system?

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