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Warhammer 40K: The End Of The Imperium Of Man

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Nov 11 2019

Games Workshop is teasing the end of the Imperium with a new Prophesy – are they about to pull the plug on the Grimdark?

Before you jump down to the comments and tell me I’m wrong check out this new “Prophesy” from Games Workshop’s Lore Department:

via Warhammer Community


Now, of course this is HERESY. And you know what we do with Heretics. In fact the “prophet” who wrote this down was actually executed for heresy and sedition – as you can see from the text above. However, one thing is still true:

Nothing Lasts Forever.

If it is Heresy to speak a simple fact, well, I suppose that is certainly Heresy. The end of the Imperium of man is coming…but problem is the timetable here. Is it coming next week? A month? A year? 40,000 years? You get the idea.

The Imperium of Mankind filled the power void that was left when the Aeldari Civilization collapsed. This prophesy is simply stating that something else will rise-up to take the Imperium’s place. Something GREATER. This Post-Imperium empire is going to have some big shoes to fill and it’s also going to have many, many threats nipping at it’s heels.


What’s really telling in this prophesy is this quote:

“Some shall call them saviours, others damn them as corrupted Witchkin. They are neither. They are the heralds of a new age.”

Witchkin is a term usually referring to Pskyers. This event is being called Psychic Awakening. I’m pretty sure that’s too “on the nose” to be coincidental. Sinners or Saints, it doesn’t really matter. “They are the heralds of a new age” however, kind of a big deal.

Change is coming. Games Workshop already said that Psychic Awakening is going to be a bigger event than the Horus Heresy (or at least on par – I’m not quite sure how they pull it off). And honestly, so far, I’m not shaking in my boots. The Phoenix Rising was little more than a firecracker and not the galaxy-shattering start I, personally, was hoping for. Then again, it only takes a spark to light a fire. And it DEFINITELY put somethings in motion.

So now it all boils down to if GW really is going to cause the Imperium to implode. I don’t know if it’s going to happen with Faith & Fury – but things really are happening in the lore and the Grimdark is going to be changed forever. I guess we will have to wait and see…


“Plus the Sisters of Battle are getting a new Codex – and that means 9th edition is probably months away, right?”


So what do you think? Is GW hinting that a new edition is on the way? Or is this all just lore around the Imperium’s demise? Let us know in the comments!


Author: Adam Harrison
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