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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Revisits Realms Of Sorcery

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Nov 22 2019

The Old World is new again, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is here to revisit the magic of the old world with a run of 1st Edition WFRP glory.

The Old World is coming back, but don’t call it a comeback, because in both video- and roleplaying games, the Old World still reigns supreme. Case in point, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, which is revisiting its humble origins with Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Realms of Sorcery, a 1st Edition treasure, reproduced and available online now.

via Age of Sigmar

We have had some requests to offer 1st Ed WFRP books in PDF for those who would like to use them in their campaigns, but can’t get their hands on them! So, we have been scanning these to release over the past few weeks.

A few weeks ago we released Aprocrypha Now, find out more here.Last week we released – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Doomstones – Fire in the Mountains. Buy it here. This week we are releasing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Realms of SorceryThe Magic Supplement, available to buy here.

Candle flames reflected in the two men’s eyes. Around them in the underground room lay papers, manuscripts, scrolls and books in various ancient languages with pages marked and margins filled with scribbled notes. One table was a jumble of alchemical equipment, its glassware cold and blackened.

Realms of Sorcery, is a complete guide to the magic of the Old World, The book includes in-depth background on magic in the Warhammer world, new careers for human and non-human magicians, higher levels of experience for existing careers and information on the magic of the Orcs, Skaven and Chaos worshippers. There are hundreds of new spells and magic items as well as rules for creating new ones, plus details on the Colleges of Magic, runes, familiars, new magical creatures, and expanded rules for many aspects of wizardry

Happy Adventuring!


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