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Warhammer RETRO: The Original Warriors of Chaos

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Nov 5 2019


With new Slaves to Darkness miniatures being unveiled, it’s time to turn back the clock decades. The mighty Champions of the Ruinous Powers had humble beginnings.

Chaos has been part of Warhammer for a very, very long time.  You can go all the way back to 1986’s Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to see early incarnations of the Chaos Pantheon and its followers.  By the time of 1988’s dual Realms of Chaos hardbacks- it had started to get fleshed out, with the major powers in place and lots of miniatures available.

Fast forward more than 3 decades to today and it’s easy to take the intricate and amazing mortal followers of Chaos for granted.  We are overwhelmed with crazy insane quality like the Slaves to Darkness, Varangard, and many, many more.

Will kill for Chaos

“Dont tell the Orks I stole my mount from Ghur.”Archaon says CHARGE!


Your puny horse is lame compared to his.


Now let’s go back to the 1988 Citadel Catalog and take a look and the minis that first walked the path of Chaos that got us to where we are today:


Everyone has to start somewhere. These Chaos Thugs threw off the yoke of civilization in the Old World and never looked back. Many of these have the really old school “shields with a hole” design from GW, along with a bevy of mutations. #17 walked right out of the Road Warrior, #18 has been been visiting the hair stylists of the original 40K Dark Eldar, and #2 is just lost.  #7 didn’t make it that far.


Welcome to the real killers – the Chaos Warriors themselves. The very early hallmarks are all there. Heavy armor, horns, and oversized weapons.  There wasn’t much god-specific detailing on these but here and there you can find some. Note the Khorne rune on the axe of #8.

We are starting to get some more variety with this bunch. Asian styling on #6, running poses for #4 and look at #11 – I hear he hacked his way into the 8 Realms…

Chaos Warriors need leaders and the Champions are where the real detail and variety was.  These are all clearly aligned with a specific power and many of these minis shouldered on for decades. Tzeentch has his own page of champions, but the other 3 all got a handful of wonderful detail. #2′ is classic Nurgle for years and years. #16 is creepy as hell, #17 is REALLY happy, and Slaanesh’s #11 can’t decide if he’s going to a battle or one heck of a party.

Tzeentch has the really mutated champions, as you would expect from the Lord of Change. You get headless Horror based ones, Bird and Moon themed ones, and even some based on early 40K Chaos Marines.

It’s been 30 years and Slambo (#11 way up there) has hacked his way into the 8 Realms.  I have a funny feeling he may not be the last…

~Which minis up there should be brought back into the Age of Sigmar?



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