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Age of Sigmar: Points Changes Coming Soon With New FAQ

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Dec 16 2019

Games Workshop just dropped a big hint that points changes are coming soon in the General’s Handbook FAQ. Come see what armies are about to get points tweaks.

The FAQ is out now for the General’s Handbook 2019 edition. You can check out the Errata and the Designers Commentary at the two links provided. However, when you dive into the Errata, there really isn’t a TON of changes other than this chunk of magenta text:

via General’s Handbook 2019 Errata

Now, that is a pretty good chunk of armies! We went to go check their respective FAQs/Errata and, as of publishing this article, they don’t currently have any points changes listed. So what gives?

Maybe this was just a mix-up and this was a draft document that was accidentally uploaded. Or maybe all these battletomes are about to get a points shuffle in whenever GW decides to do a “BIG FAQ Update” for AoS. The odds are also pretty high that a lot of these armies are probably going to see some point drops as well. GW tends to do that so folks have to field more models. But looking at this list there is a notable exception: Hedonites of Slaanesh.

The Hedonites are considered one of the top (if not THE top) tier armies in the game at the moment. Could GW be attempting to rebalance some of the other armies around this particular army? Again, we have no printed points changes in any of the listed armies. But this FAQ update just dropped so, again, it was either a mix-up or all those armies are about to get points adjustments in their Errata.

It’s also notable that the last batch of battletomes from this year aren’t on the list either. That includes:

  • Orruk Warclans
  • Cites of Sigmar
  • Ossiarch Bonereapers
  • Ogor Mawtribes
  • Slaves To Darkness

Slaves To Darkness doesn’t even have an Official Errata out yet – so we’re probably going to see that soon, too. In the meantime, we’re going to be keeping an eye out on the GW FAQ page for this update for the Age of Sigmar. Something is coming and it’s Matched Play Points related!


Points drops for Christmas? Why Thanks, GW!

Author: Adam Harrison
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