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Games Workshop’s Best Age of Sigmar Monsters

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Dec 10 2019

Everyone loves a good monster, right? Well here’s a few of our favorites from Games Workshop!

In the earlier days, everyone’s monsters kind of looked the same. They were typically just big, muscle bound monsters with horns or claws, or some combination of all those. Today, the industry as a whole as really been pushing the envelope. Thanks to other companies really experimenting with themes and just really “out there” styles (thanks Monster: Kingdom Death for all the Nightmare Fuel), GW has also has to really grow and make impressive kits. Games Workshop has stopped with some of the generic looking monsters and started making some visually interesting kits combined with some unique design concepts and background for these new breed of monsters. Here are some of our favorites.

Mindstealer Sphiranx

This Llama-Cat-Gazelle-Antalope-Lynx hybrid is just crazy. It looks like it’s a melody of organics parts that have been stitched together in this cool way. Its backstory is just as much as of a twisted fusion as the model and that’s what makes it so cool.


Gothizzar Harvester

Conceptually, a big behemoth that follows the army around and gathers up parts for later use isn’t entirely new. The Meatwagon from Warcraft 3, or even some of the Tyranid feeder beasts are essentially the same concept. What makes this model really unique, however, is the execution. Not only is a bone-construct powered by the souls of the dead, it’s got a sentience to it as well. It’s almost like each hand is alive and can think – the model tells a story besides “Smash face and gather bones” the more you look at it.

Our favorite bit by far is the hand saying “no” to the one holding the Stormcast helmet. That’s a perfect example of the little details of this model that really sell the story.



The Maw-Krusha

If a Bulldog and a Dragon got it on, we’re pretty sure the Maw-Krusha would be the result. We really liked how this model is very different from your typical “Dragon” mount. While there are certainly some dragon-like features, it’s still got a unique look. Their backstory is also a source of interest, too. The Hyshian Mystics can’t sort out how, exactly, this thing can fly – but the Maw-Krushas can. They are also notoriously short-sighted and typically just smash around their surroundings. It’s cute…in the way a Pug-Lizard would be.

Akhelian King

The Akhelian King’s mount is just bonkers. When you look at it, the creature, again, has a bunch of different elements from other sea creatures. It’s a Sea-horse mixed with an Eel that somehow has a horn and a triple tail thing going on. There are lots of organic things that were sea creatures mixed into this funky mount. While it might not be as large as some of the other creatures on this list, it’s very different from other things from GW – and that’s why it’s here.

Loonboss on Mangler Squigs

Squigs are a GW creation. They basically took a Squig, went to 11 with it and then double-stacked it. Toss a few unlucky(?) gobbo riders on for good measure and you’ve got the insane Mangler Squig. The more you look at this monster of a model the more interesting things you notice. It really does tell a story and that is a mark of a really good miniature from Games Workshop.



What crazy monsters do you like from Games Workshop? There are still lots to choose from – tell us in the comments!

Author: Adam Harrison
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