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GW Rumor Engine: Nautical Mishap

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Dec 17 2019

Games Workshop’s latest Rumor Engine is out and we’ve got a mystery at sea to solve.

Barnacles! It’s the barnacles that have us wondering how this one got out of the water and up on the land. Take a look for yourself:

via Warhammer Community

The Rumour Engine offers no comfort, support or compassion. What it does, instead, is produce the merest glimpse of miniatures-that-will-be, offered without context or additional clues. And we all love it for that.


I’m not a boat person but, again, those barnacles are pretty obvious. So what the heck are we looking at? Your guess is as good as mine! The only sea-themed army in either system is the Idoneth Deepkin. So is this related to them? Oh and the Black Ark Corsairs from Cities of Sigmar (formerly of the Dark Elves).

The Deepkin already have a terrain feature that is a sunken ghost boat, too.


Looking closely, you can see those¬†barnacles are on this wreck, too. The thing that’s throwing me for a loop is the torn cloth or covering. It’s got a weird looking design. Plus, what’s up with that chain on the left side? I’ve got questions!

If you ARE a boat person, please drop us a line in the comments on what you think this model is. What part of the boat are we looking at? Do you think it’s a wreck or something that’s been recovered from the water? What army do you think this one is a part of?


Internet Detectives, I turn this one over to you!

Author: Adam Harrison
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