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Libations of Glory: Cocktails of The Loyalist Primarchs – Prime

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Dec 18 2019

It's the Holidays, so let's sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice Primarch inspired cocktail (or 9).

Warhammer 40,000 is a massive, sprawling setting. A thousand thousand story threads weave together to form a sprawling tapestry of tragedy and heroism, a tale of betrayal and loyalty, of brotherhood and war, played out on a galactic stage.  At the heart of 40K is the Horus Heresy and at the heart of that are the Primarchs, the Demi-God sons of the Master of Mankind, whose hopes and ambitions tore humanity apart. These warriors are known to us as titanic, epic heroes, but what if they were cocktails?

This is, I think, an important question that has, as of know, rarely been asked, and never satisfactorily explored. We know a LOT about the Primarchs thanks to reams of books. Thanks to that, we've taken it upon ourselves to come up with mixed drinks that we feel correctly embody each Primarch and represent them, or their ideals, in drink form. I would suggest there is no better time than now, the Holiday season to enjoy these drinks, as players return home to spend time with family less of them have opportunities to journey forth to game stores to play. Instead, escape the hu...

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Author: Abe Apfel
  • Best Plastic Minis 2019 - The Nominees